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Hey Everyone,

I'm dodgerlover11. I decided to join 420Mag cause I wanted to become more active in the community. Maryjane has been a tradition in my family for about 3 generations so it felt natural just to expand my horizons, and meet other people. Im getting into growing myself and wanted some advice and opinions from you all beautiful people.
Aside from that, I am a easy going person who loves to laugh. Thanks for the warm welcome. I look forward to posting, talking, and conversing with everyone. :Namaste:
Hi dodger lover. Welcome to :420:

3 generations? That's cool! There has to be some growing experience hidden in that family tree somewhere. :winkyface:

If you have a grow going now, can I suggest starting a journal? We all love to see pictures of our favorite plant growing. :)
There is and I have been asking my Nana but she tells me that she just literally just put the seed in the ground and it grew all on its on. She has grown about 5 very successful long term plants. My prob is getting started mine arent sprouting. Check out my post on frequently asked questions it has more about my issues. Thanks.
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