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Hi all, new to 420


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Saw this amazing and informative site and decided to join, i have recently moved from UK to Southern Ireland and bought a house and 1.5 acres of fields. I have recently built a polytunnel from my own design and growing some MJ plants. A total noob at growing, i am learning fast and looking forward to learning a great deal more from 420 Members....:thumb:


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Re: Hi all, new to 420...

Hi puffadder! :welcome: to :420:

Love to see some pics of your polytunnel. I just put up a new greenhouse although I don't use it for my MJ.

New Member Start Links is a great place to start with links for navigating the site and lots of helpful information. And if you have questions don't hesitate to ask. FAQs is one good place to do that.


Hi Pantagruel and thanks for the welcome, here are my pix of polytunnel :)

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