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hid question


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Hortilux is probably the best bulb out on the market, high price range, around 75-120$ depending where you're located. Ive done some research and out of all the lights, hortilux's hps has the best overall spectrum, and is said to last a long time. Im buying my first hortilux bulb on wednesday when I go to the grow store for my veg room(mh), and plan on replacing my hps lights I'm using in my flower tent when its time to replace that. As for the low end of the price range, i just did a grow with plant max 1000w hps bulbs (bought mine for 35$) and I got great results. You can see for yourself in my signature.


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Ok i bought my light combo on Amazon. At the end of flower the hps just started turning on and off. Like as soon as it would hit full blast it would shut down and keep repeating that. It is currently running a mh at full blast with no problems. Is my ballast shot? I wanted to get another ballast can anyone give some input please
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