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I'm just going to post some pics for now.

This is 'Mrs. Piggy'.


Here's what my growing style is evolving to. Lester, this is the gal to which I mentioned I'd like you to see.


I also have 12 clones in 2 Liters...Northern Light Blue (Northern Lights X Blue Berry), Skunk X Northern Lights, Royal Purple Kush, B.C. God Bud, and Blue Blood (OG Kush X Blue Berry). They aren't as far along.



Here's a typical Purple Kush.


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Hey Brother this looks really great, I am really happy to see the P. Kush flowers. I am wondering if you've harvested any yet. Are those the farthest flowers that you have of it? Been a long time since you starting growing it. I really want to know what you think of the puff. What strain is Mrs. Piggy and I can certainly see what your growing style has evolved to. You are a true grower, you really have adapted, I can see how you are squeezing in the Mrs. Piggies, I'm guessing you could even fit 4 Mrs. Piggies in that tent if they were squeezed in. I love to see those clones in the 2L, man, I'm so interested in the P. Kush so I'll be coming by just that lol. But Wow, really impressed with these Mrs. Piggies, damn, for pics #1 and #2 I'd for vote for that straight up in a plant contest. +Reps and so glad you got another journal going :cheer:
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RL, Mrs. Piggy is the original Holy Grail Kush mother plant. She's from the one and only bean, not a clone. The one in the SCROG screen was my second gen mother plant, a clone from Mrs. Piggy.

I'm going to make some more of those SCROG screens. I'm planning on doing a photo op for the DIY-ers.

Yeah, I haven't sampled the Purple Kush yet. All the clones in the 2 Liters are the same age...45 days or so until harvest. I'd love to have my cloning machines going at the moment. With the possibility of moving into the new house eminent, I'm trying to keep things 'manageable'.

I'm going to take some veg pics tomorrow. There lies my problem. I've nearly 'outgrown' myself in that regard. My new Northern Light Blue mother is bigger than Mrs. Piggy. I'm going to have to start whacking her down. It pains me because everything I hack down could be viable clones.
So, I guess I should give all the stats for the flowering plants.

Strains: Larger two plants are Holy Grail Kush. In the 2 Liters there's a mix of Royal Purple Kush, Blue Blood, Northern Light Blue, and B.C. God Bud. All of these are Indica Dominant hybrids. I'd say the Holy Grail Kush has the most Sativa.

Lights: 1-600 watt Sunmaster HPS in an air cooled reflector, 4-48" "Plant and Aquarium" fluro tubes wired vertically in the corners, and 4-23 watt CFL's in a mixed spectrum. The SunMaster is over a year old now. Once Mrs. Piggy is harvested I will replace the bulb. That may be tonight, she was showing around 10% amber trichs last night. She's also only been fed Clearex for the last 1.5 weeks.

Tent: 4' x 4' x around 5'-10" tall noname bought online from a non sponsor.

Temps: Currently 60F with lights out and 78F with lights on.

Ventilation: 8" inline fan pulling warm air through a carbon filter, then through the light, then vented to exterior of building. Fresh air is passive.

CO2: Supplemented by an EZ CO2 bag. I can honestly tell a difference since I purchased this.

Humidity: Averages around 50%. I bought a 3 gallon vet vac to help with water clean up. I also two of those Dri-Z-Air things. They use those crystals and absorb the water in the air--commonly used in cambers and beach cabins.

Grow media: All flowering girls are in 75% Perlite and 25% vermiculite. I using the Hempy Bucket technique (Passive Hydroponics).

Nutrients: I switched to Botanicare Kind nutes. So far I'm loving the stuff. I use their Enhanced Hydro recipe except I don't have any Hydroguard. So that's the Kind Base, Grow, Bloom, Liquid Karma, Hydroplext, Sweet Raw, ZHO, and Clearex. In addition I've also been using Super Thrive and throwing in some of the bloom boosters, seaweed, and mico from the former nutrient brand. I watered at 2,000 PPM the other night. No burn, plants seem to love it.

Container Size: Mrs Piggy is in a 5 gallon Hempy, the scrog HGK is in a 3.5 gallon container. All the rest are in 2 Liters.

I think that's the basics. Things are going to be changing shortly. I don't have a master plan quite ironed out yet--still debating some things. When we move I'll have an approximate 12' x 14' bedroom to work with. I'm not sure if I want to go tent-less and utilize the space to it's full potential or just go with a larger tent. My main concerns are cost. If I use that whole room, That's a heck of an investment in lighting.

I'm probably going to have to play that one by ear. At the moment I'm only working part time, so money is tight. There is a very good chance that I won't be working at all this summer. That would make expanding even more difficult.

So here's some veg pics. There's six mother plants and two runt clones in my 2' x 4' x 5' veg tent. One thing that I should mention, keeping mother plants in hydro, even passive hydro, is not necessary. They get too big. All these plants are hydro except the Northern Light Blue and Northern Lights x Skunk.

NLB in 10 gallon smart pot and NLS in a 2 gallon bucket.


I didn't pull any put but here they all are.


No room for a cloning machine in there. The house is supposed to close before June. I'd like to get some clones going but not really sure. It's going to be interesting enough moving mother plants. A bunch of stinky flowering clones is another story.

So, Mrs. Piggy came about somewhat by accident. She was originally in potting soil. Once she outgrew a 2 gallon bucket I transitioned her to the 5 gallon Hempy. She just got too big for her britches and had to be flowered out. I spent around a month trimming her down before she went into 12/12. Looking back, I should have trimmed her more. I should have staked her early. This is my largest indoor plant to date. Somewhat of a learning experience.

I staked her really late. Then I had to wrap her up with twine for support. I've broken a ton of nugs off of her. Anymore I don't dare to pull her out of the tent.She's pretty fugly at this point. But she has a lot of weight.I don't know how much, I'm going to guess between 4 and 8 zips. When she's ready, possibly tonight, I'm going to take her out and try to get some good pics. Hopefully I can get some to turn out. I'd like to enter her in the upcoming Plant of the Month contest.

So, I mentioned that I'm evolving my grow techniques. I really think I'm going to SCOG just like the one plant pictured in the first post. It seems like an efficient use of space. That screen is 16" x 16". I know it won't yield as much as Mrs. Piggy, but it also takes up 1/4 of the space.

I guess that's all for now. Oh, if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. If I missed any details or didn't explain something, let me know.

:popcorn: You've been a busy guy Josh.
@ B A R. bro, this is nothing. I was running 64 plants perpetually until about a month ago. I feel bad for cutting my last journal short. Life happens and all..But, from around early Oct-a month ago I was pulling 1/4 LB dried/month out of the little 4' x 4' tent. Top shelf too, not only my personal opinion in that regard.

At the moment I'm trying to dial the right equation in. Maximise product per Sq foot, or lumen, or weight. So far I'm liking the 16" x 16" SCROG screen that I made coupled with a 3.5 gallon Hempy Bucket. Seems to be the right ratio of veg time, root space, and square footage.

Now, I want to make one thing transparently clear; the Hempy Bucket method serves me well. I have thoughts of transitioning to organic. If I do, most likely, I'll be doing it in a Hempy. Just think about it...all the benefits of rapid growth hydro is known for, but with the ease of hand watering. No pumps, timers, anything mechanical to fail. What a person chooses to feed their plants is their own prerogative.

I'm going to check on Mrs. Piggy. Not currently feelin' having to trim. I'll let the scope make that decision. I'll take some pics anyways because I know that's what we all want to see.
Unfortunately not all of the pics uploaded. Should be enough to give a person an idea of what is going on.

I had a little helper in the garden tonight. I forgot to label the pics as "off topic" even though Scoobie was assisting with the flowering plants. I think he looks like Fang's twin. The lighting was a bit off.


I pulled Mrs. Piggy out of the tent for better ambient lighting during trichome inspection. Tomorrow it will be. I sure love this phenotype of Holy Grail Kush. Here's what uploaded. Keep in mind, for the sake of scale, this is a 5 gallon bucket and I'm over 6'-2".


Here's the SCROG HGK. I'm really like how this is going.


I tried putting my loupe against the camera for close up pics. Super sensitive. I think one pic may be in focus...I can't really tell until I post it.


The pics that didn't upload were close up bud-porn of Mrs. Piggy. I think there are some potential money shots. I'm already medicated but will try and get them posted.

Well, today is the day. Mrs. Piggy is in our living room, waiting for a post-supper harvest. She is actually larger than I thought. I broke a bunch of branches bring her up and out of 'the dungeon'. I took some measurements. She is 38" wide, 48" total height, 36" 'above soil'. My goodness, I feel like Dr. Frankenstein. Here's some pics. Enjoy.

She's a big one.
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