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Well back at it. But this time it will be hydro and indoors.
Lets say that my last attempt at growing outdoors was a lost cause dam thiefs.[ May the fleas of a thousand coyotes infest there crotch's]

Went to the cheech and chong concert the next day dropped a hand full of seeds in some paper towls and started designing my new grow closet.
materials list
converted closet 40"x"6'"x5'
Seeds kush something? dense sticky pungent stoney buds
262 sump pump w/ 1 2 gph emmiter per plant 3 minutes every 2 hours 15 gal res. reciurt circuit for testing and mixing
intermatic 40 position timer for nutes
2 hose airpump w/ 2 8" airstones continues run
plastic bins w 6 1 gal pots w/50% hydrotons, 35% pearalite, 15 % clay chips
the bins are set up for to drain
4 f40t8 w 6500k parabolic reflectos top sides and ends. will be adding another
set on the sides as needed have 12,000 lumens right now but i can and will double the the amount. to be changed to 65-35 red to blue at flower time.
burlinton 24 hour timer for lights
20" fan intake under house and venting into crawl space.
meters ph ,tds, thermometer
nutes clonex 2 caps,4 caps grow big,1/2 cap hydrazine in ten gals h2o
p/u tiger bloom. the rest of nutes will buy later no cash
started with 33 seedlings gave the rest away kept 18 and 2 clones
as soon as they where transplanted to the pots they sot up like a rocket.
the clones the first day i got them the next they where dying.
had a few wild swing with the ph had to drain out.
well they are one month old and have leafs every where at the base of the first leafs they are starting to branch i will be trimming them for a sea of green effect.
into it one month. have 18 and semidead clones.
the ladies are lookig real good they have huge leafs and busting with these green shoots they grow about 1" a nite
the stems u see them swell then they split and thicken.
foliar feed once a day in the am .with couple of drops clonex.a few drops hydrazine.3 drops grow big 2 drops soap as surffactent to brake water tension in 1 qt of distilled water.
want to let them grow to about 18"- dec 21 on this day i change the time to 12/12 and nutes winter soltice and my moms birthday


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lengado4 Sounds like you got it going on! :welcome:! :thanks:for including the 420 family! If we can help hunt down some information about a Question you may have ask away. You will find some great growers here at 420 as well as helpful, knowledgable members and staff. Please think about starting a grow journal,...420 Magazine ®. Great way to involve all with the excitiment of your grow and to get praise, comments, tips and tricks if need be. Either way you are in the right place, 420! Hope to see and hear more from you in the forums. Greenest Regards! :roorrip: :peace:


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Well i's Dec. 9 they have been on 12/12 cycle now for 5 days they are about 18" tall with bud starter where all the leafs where. Had a cold nite last nite still have ice in the boat outside . But with the lite cycle at nite to keep temp up in room. target date of mid jan is slowly slipping away. changed the nutes to veg. Still no males may there will be none!
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