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  1. Griffen loki

    GriffenLoki Cococoir CBDream 2017

    Hello, I have decided to put together a journal of my last two grows as they tie into each other and will tie into my next grow once seeds arrive.This is my second and third grow with this strain and I have decided on keeping one as a mother and adding a green crack as my second mother. These...
  2. Bubbafreed

    SOG Technique

    Hi all, With SOG technique you looking to gain high yield in a short amount of time and more harvest as the process is quicker right? In that case when to flip to 12/12? As I guess it’s quicker than normal as your not wanting much of a stretch. Seeds are creme caramel and dominate black ii...
  3. IMG_20180430_184605.jpg


    1 week into flower
  4. G

    My clothes dryer for stealth cab?

    So here's what I'm looking at; my old Kelvinator clothes dryer took a dump and repair isn't really an option because of its age. Wife says it will save electricity if we hang dry, so I got this dryer with 2*2*3 ft plus of useable room and it is screaming stealth grow..... I want to use this...
  5. H

    South Indian Sativa LED SOG Experiment

    What's up guys, So, I've decided to use the seeds from the weed I smoke and try out an experiment. Not really hoping to get great yield, if I do.. then hey, it's a win! So I'm pretty sure this is a South Indian Sativa, or at least a Sativa Dominant strain, since I live in Chennai which is...
  6. OkieInCo

    Great delivery time

    I ordered the 10 seed auto mix and got 12 ! :) (thank you) Got them only 4 days after ordering them. Awesome so far. Going to SOG 4 of them in Coco top fed. (very small SOG in bathtub) Thank you Todd
  7. Z

    SOG Experiment In A Micro 2x2 Tent - 2 Trays - 16 Plants

    Okay, so I started this new journal for my S.O.G. grow. I'm currently in week 4 of a scrOG grow, but I'm already prepping plants and clones for my next grow by keeping them under the canopy + on my dresser. I'm using a 140W Spectrum King LED Closet Case. Humidity stays around 55-65%...
  8. Z

    Hempy question about improving taste - Soiless Medium

    Hey, guys. Sorry in advance if this is the wrong forum section. I tried finding a subcategory for HEMPY but found nothing and this is as close as I could get to it. So i'm starting a SOG with a variety of experiments - I have some starting in 1 gallon pots with soil, coco, and hydroton pebbles...
  9. Z

    DIY Hempy 3-Liter bottle S.O.G. vs something else for 2x2 Micro Grow

    So I'm trying to fit as many plants into my 2x2 space as possible, using two 1'x2' trays that rest above a water reservoir. I'm trying to do a perpetual S.O.G. I'm thinking about using the 3-liter bottles they sell cheap cola in, cutting the top and doing a Hempy grow. Has anyone experimented...
  10. Z

    Indoor 2x2 Micro Grow - ZTS First Indoor Grow - Give Me Your 2 Cents!

    Hey, everyone. I'm a newb that's recently fallen in love with growing. :circle-of-love: I 'tried' to grow two plants in my bathroom last Winter and I caught the grow bug. Now I have a 2x2 grow tent on my dresser and the whole shebang. I'm forcing myself to keep a journal and I'd love to...
  11. C

    What should I do?

    Hey pot people so I have been working on getting my grow going. I use Alaska fish fertilizer for veg and Alaska bloom for flower for fertilizers. I use tap water that I dechlorinate. In the veg tent I use cfl lights that seem to do fairly well. I just got a galaxy hydro led light for the flower...
  12. Y

    YellowFever's 600HPS SOG

    Does anyone here still dig SOG grows?
  13. ARCHER12

    Archer12 Black Widow LED RDWC Grow To Perpetual - 2017

    Hi everyone! I am a first time grower taking the plunge, so I will fill you guys in on my plan so far! **My overall goal is to start a perpetual 4x4 SOG table** That being said, I am starting from seed so I can't get the SOG table started just yet, and thats where the 6 site RDWC comes...
  14. G

    Sog purple kush?

    I intend on doing a sog grow with purple kush, because i have to move in under three months. 10 plants in 3 gallon pots packed tighter under two 400 watt hps lights. Think the room is a little large 10x7x5, want to use co2 but i feel like there are two many leaks.... First off though will purple...
  15. G

    How to train a single cola

    I've recently started trying to sog and for the life of me can't figure out the best way to do this. No matter what I do so far I end up getting a heck of a lot of side branching during the 12/12 stretch. For a single cola sog are you supposed to prune off all side branches at the end...
  16. PurpleGunRack

    Sea of Freebies - SoG - LED - Organic - 1mx1m - 9 Plants

    :welcome: Hi 420 and welcome to my little Sea of Green side project! :welcome: Germination started 02NOV2016 I'm doing this SoG grow to clear out some freebies, try some different strains, getting a fast harvest and trying SoG style growing. I intend to veg for 2-3 weeks, right now...
  17. U

    Grape Ape x Sour Diesel - SOG - Soil - Organic

    Bucket Size - 1 true gallon Medium - 25% perlite 25% coco 50% fox farm ocean forest Lights - 400w Hps cool tube Strain(s) - 2 phenos from a grape ape sour diesel cross # of Plants: 12 First grow journal not first grow. Growing out two best phenotypes from a cross between grape ape and...
  18. C

    DWC 4x8 tent lighting

    Hey everyone, I'll admit I have been a reader here for a few years and finally now deciding to join! A lot I have learned okay let me back up mostly everything I have learned has come from reading hundreds of debates, journals and tutorials on here so I want to thank everyone and the creaters...
  19. CaneyeBus

    Caneye's Perpetual Hempys - Modular Scrogs - Multi-Plant Single Pot Sog & More!

    Hello :420::welcome: to my first journal! This journal should have been started Jan 1st, i was having issues with my Ipad along with a bit of procrastination. No worries, I will catch this journal up to current date. What strain? G13 Labs Pineapple Express-Indica...
  20. gr865

    White Rhino & Exodus Cheese SOG Grow

    Ok, so I took clones from my last grow to do a 24 plant SOG but the best laid plans didn't! I lost 12 of the 26 clones, I am thinking to damping off. So now I have a small SOG of 12 plants, have them spread a bit so this may not be a true SOG but it is what it is. Clones went into flower...
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