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Highfly's introducing myself post


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Hello folks!

To cut the long story short. I've decided to show my low budget garden to the community. After a few successful crops tho, so I'm not that new into cultivation, yet still got a lot to learn :)
I prefer hydroponic gardening since the control ability it has over the soil just worth it...not to mention the positive effects on the plant.
I've been smoking for my last 15 years, growing stuff for 1,5 year.
Sometimes I also use cannabis as a medication, so does my miss. Preferably something with cannabutter to make it easy on the body....it is a medicine after all (only that time tho;) )
I live in the middle of Europe in Hungary and I'm also a father of 2 girls.

I started a grow journal just to be genuine ;)

Keep up the good work!



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Just click on my username and ur set to see my threads. I'm from a phone atm....somehow I can't make links
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