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Honey Oil/Weed Mixture drying out?


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So I made a bit of honey oil and my friend gave me the idea of mixing the oil with the weed(busted up) equally (ex 1g of oil 1 gram of weed) I tried doing a little bit less .7 gram of weed for a gram of oil it turned out pretty nice, I broke it apart rolled it in the weed and made it into a little cube about, 1cmx1cmx1cm. when I first finished rolling it was still really soft, but not really sticky anymore. I left it in my buster and looked at it again a hour or so later(to admire it) and noticed it was pretty rock solid, I figured it dried out a bit. Now day 2 it literally broke into crumbs isn't very moist at all and won't stick together.

I'm not sure what I should of stored this in? I guess it dried out because I mixed it with weed and the weed is drying out? I didn't think it would because I never had the problem with it drying out unmixed. Right now I just threw my crumbles of it into a container and I guess I'll mix it with a new batch. Do you think it would be ok to freeze this in the future?(To preserve it)

I find this mixture burns really well and fairly slow and it is very good for getting high, I am usually completely done after about .05-.1g of it, I want to be able to keep fresh this longer than a day..
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