How long can it go?

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I review the site many times a day, at least for as long as I'm in a grow. Somewhere recently I read someone's post about growing past the usual harvest time advice, to leave them as long as they continue to use water and food. Barring bud rot or vermin, what happens to the buds, trichs, etc if you do this? I would guess that potency would drop off, maybe. Do the trichs detach? Are they all so amber that anyone who has tried never got off their couch again to report? Just curious? Here's where I'm at...



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At some point you’re gonna lose potency. Not sure when, all amber trichs would be fun to try (with a soft couch, a good movie and a bag of chips). The trichs won’t fall off, but I have seen the amber trichs collapse into puddles. I’m sure leaving them in too long is fairly rare, given the amount of people asking if their plant is ready when they have many weeks to go.(lol)

Your plant looks great, me personally I like couch lock, so I’d go another week or so. But no one could fault you for chopping any time now.
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