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How Long Will Marijuana Stay In My System


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I was a heavy Marijuana user until August 1st, I then would only smoke once a day (2-3 hits) until August 14th, then I quit completely. I have to submit a urine sample for a drug test in 29 days. I have been really sick so exercise is not an option at this point and I also am pregnant. I am unable to take medication for the vomiting and want to know if I take a couple hits of weed, would 29 days be long enough to get it cleaned from my system? Not sure if this matters, but, I am 142 pounds 5'6"


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Re: How Long Will Marijuana Stay in My Sustem

Yes definately. I've done it in two weeks. A whole month is enough time. Make sure you drink a lot of water and veggies and what not, greasy foods tend to make it stay longer in your system. Also you could buy the dollar test kits a few days before just to be sure !
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