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How to get the best vape from a vaporizer?


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Hello all and thanks for viewing my thread,

I know that there must be different things that factor to what would be the best vape. I want to make sure I would get the best vape possible.
These questions are only regarding a whip-style vape and I am not interested at all in vaporizers like the Herbalaire or Volcano. Most likely the vaporizer I'd be using would be a Silver Surfer Vaporizer or the Vaporbros. Original Vaporizer, since those are easily available.

Now I need to know..
1What is the best temperature to set the Vaporizer at?
2Should I get a grinder to grind the bud up or is breaking up with fingers fine?
3Is it better the bud be, extremely dry, moist, just a little dry, etc.?
4How easy is it to clean the wand and the vaporizer? How often does it need to be done? How do I do it?
5How much bud is needed to get a good amount of vaping? I usually load a bowl in my bong smoke a little nugget and I'm good for hours. Do I need to use a bigger nugget for the vaporizer?
6Do you find your high goes away faster with a vaporizer and/or you increase consumption with the vaporizer?

Thank you all very much.


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Vaporizing is a totally diffrent type of high(at least for me it was) its much lighter on the body and you just feel floaty...plus its much healthier.

Temp: mine is set to 400 which is fine,put it in at 390ish,it will heat up,hold it like a hookah and then breathe in slowly

Grinder: I break mine up with my fingers,and it works fine,just like a bowl

Bud: I dont think theres a diffrence,mine is usually dry

Cleaning: You just blow out the cashed weed,and clean it everynow and then when it builds up just by putting alcohol in it and just shaking it around,and qtips,very easy.

Amount: Seeing as how a vaporizer gets you straight THC...half your normal amount in a bowl Id say...and your not going to feel it until it all sneaks up on you so pace yourself your first time

The High:It goes away faster,but it lingers...I like it better because I can get through my day and things I need to do without Giggling so much and stumbling
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