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Humidity In a Cold Frame Greenhouse Please Help


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Hello everyone :439:

I am planning to grow a few plants in a cold frame greenhouse that i have but am worried about the humidity and all the bud rot that comes along with it.

I have a temperature and humidity meter in there recently to give it a test so here were the stats:


+ Temp 23° C (73.4° F)
+ Humidity 45%


+ Temp 6.5° C (43° F)
+ Humidity 90%

That night time reading is just asking for bud rod, does anybody have any suggestions ?

Take into account that this reading was taken with the door of it completely open throughout.

Please help, i would really love to get a good grow going :yummy:

Juicy D

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maybe throw a propane heater at night or if u have electricity..a electric heater and add more air flow. and during the day u could prob be good with keeping it shut up

best of luck on ur grow :)
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