I am troubleshooting an electricity problem - Help!


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Im starting preperation to set up 8000-15000 watts of hps and i dont know how to get that much electricity without setting off some red flags. im thinking generator, but im not sure wether to go propane natural gas or gasoline. i also understand that some generators can be bad for ballests and lighting. And my final problem with a generator is what to do with the exaust, i cant blast hot exaust outside for obvious reasons, and i cant have it vent into the grow or my house because its toxic. Any ideas would very much appreciated, i would like to get this figured out asap!
re: I am trobleshooting an electiicity problem. HELP!

Um.. if you use a generator it should NEVER EVER be inside the building. Always outside. So it exhausts outside.

There are natural gas and propane generators that you've mentioned, but they're usually connected to run as backup generators.

That's a really serious set up though. 8000-15000 watts? How many plants do you intend on growing?
Re: I am trobleshooting an electiicity problem. HELP!

well alot, im shooting for two large veg rooms and 2 large flowering rooms. ive worked with similar operations but they stole their electricity like idiots and got themselves in a whole lot of trouble. i figure its time i move on and do my own thing, im just all hung up on this electricity thing
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