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I found the powerful auto and a big yeilder


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The strain I grew and got tested at a lab was Think Different by Dutch Passion Seeds.

This is a big yeilding and powerful strain. I grew it and got it tested. 19% thc and 3% cbd. That is amazing. It is a fantastic auto.

I created feminized pollen from a plant I grew from their seed stock, then bread it with another Think Different, also known as ak420. I then grew those seeds I made, which I then had the buds tested.

It was grown in pure soil amendment, which looks like bark mulch, which it mostly is. It is made by Gardner and Bloome. I watered with Ionic ferts. I also used MOAB about three times. I grew them under a 600w HPS by Apollo.

In 5 gallon pots, I get 2oz on average, with many plants under one light.

I am growing this strain again, six of them under a Gavita DE bulb 1050w. We will see what happens. :)

So, basically, if you are looking for a stable, high yeilding auto that produced powerful medical weed, then give Dutch Passion's Think Different a go. Also, their mazar is a high yeilder and potent, also I haven't had it tested yet. Tests costs $100.


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Re: I found the powerful auto and a big yeilder.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I ordered them safely through 420 sponsor herbie seeds. They rock. They are super fast at shipping. Be sure if you aren't going to use the seeds right away to store them in the fridge, where you keep your veggies.

I store them in a paper bag so not light gets to them inside the fridge.


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Re: I found the powerful auto and a big yeilder.

thanks for the tip,I dont have a need to get them,yet.but if we are ever free,im getting some.


Always wondered about these auto flowering plants. I could never see the point of them as you wouldn't be able to manipulate them by plucking out the growing tip - correct ?? Are they usually just one main cola or do you get some side branching as well? I take it as soon as they get their first set of leaves they basically start heading straight away. Are they on 18 or 24 hours light (which ever is your preference) for a few days or is it 12/12 from the beginning? Appreciate your input if you get a chance.



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Kiwi, in my three years experience growing autos on a regular bases, I've found that 18-6 works the best. I have a new set up Think Different autos in a hempy bucket going, I just haven't started the journal for them yet.

You can top, LST, super crop, even kung fu kick your auto in half, but I cannot see any of them giving you better results than to just let your auto grow under a good light.

I always get good side buds, from every strain I've tried. Often times, my autos will look like a regular plant.

Here is one of my last auto Think Differents.

The buds were so big the could not hold themselves up. I had them tied up while growing. This is a pic right before harvesting her.

Here is another. You can see her top cola and some of her side buds. They are big also.


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Dutch Passion has more auto monsters not just TD. You should check AutoUltimate, AutoXtreme, AutoMazar as above said. Some dude pulled 900g dry bud from 1 AutoUltimate. 300-400g is regular yield for experienced growers.


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I've grown auto mazar and like it but never had the tic percent tested.

I'd have to see someone I know personally or trust see pull 400grams from an auto before I believe. I've seen the YouTube videos but a believer they make me not. I am a skeptic.


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Buddha Seeds, Magnum produced 3.5oz, and I know she can do way better. I had no choice but to put her from inside to outside, which stressed her out.

Dutch Passion Euforia is off the hook. My plant is huge. I cannot wait to see what she produces.
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