I need some help! Brown specks and yellowing leaves


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Everything's been going great up until a few days ago. My plants are almost three weeks old. I started noticing brown specs on some of the bottom leaves and they turned yellow quickly after. They're are dozens of tiny brown specs on the leaves. I had them in solo cups until I noticed this and moved them to 3 gal. I just added nutes to my water for the first time today. i have no idea what to do. The brown specs are no longer in just the bottom leaves. They're not on every leaf, most of the plant looks healthy with the exception of a few leaves. It only seems to be on my white widow plants (I have 5 WW, and two kush) the larger plants seem to be affected the most and first. I've used a neem oil spray a couple times and some sm-90 once in watering to protect from bugs. I've been checking vigorously for bugs on the bottoms of the leaves and soil. Any and all help is appreciated!

white widow and critical kush
# of Plants - 7
Grow Type - Soil (fox farm ocean forest)
Grow Stage - Vegetative
Bucket Size - 3 gallon smart pots
Lights - 1 600 Watt MH
Nutrients - fox farms trio
PH - 6.0
RH - 50% to 55%
Room Temperature -76-78
Room Square Footage - 48x48
Pests - Unknown
By your description it sounds like a potassium deficiency??? That's just a guess. Can you get pics uploaded to show the community?
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Upload some pics for us :)
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Your ph is a bit low. Should be 6.5-7
Your soil has some nutrient in it already so I'd be surprised if you need to add any at this age. People seem to have some issues with seedlings in that soil as is.
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