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After being diagnosed with Colonitis, and syncope (fainting spells due to low blood pressure) a common side effect of colonitis. My idea of fun while visiting God. With two visits to the hospital I figure I owe about 200,000 or more to the institute of my local care center. I pay cash. Or not depending on how much blood they can suck on average daily and the current cost of i.v. meds... I'm lost...Or not. During my recent visit to the pearly gates, it came to me "LA". yea, just like that. I can't have any alcohol in my system. good thing i don't drink. What no mouth rinse either? ok, meds and side effects. Mouth rinse. It suddenly came on me Simpson oil was useless because of a possible interaction with the prescription anti-biotic routine. Great for cancer, skin ointment, etc. I love Rick, he's so giving and honest. I dedicate this to video to Rick Simpson; as an alternative for internal illnesses another safe way of delivery. Please be gentle on me and comment likewise; I say 290 degrees for the highest heat applied. Morphine makes us crazy; while giving us that give me more buzz. I say NO to Pharma, and Yes to a natural healing approach. Please share my video, viral. I will post pics if needed to show the diagnosis, but it's a colon folks...kinda private. dates, times and alien visit included for all of the more curios' but i'ma hold of on that for now.
I noticed this video was posted about a year ago and am curious how everything worked out for her?

Anyone know?

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