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  1. Q

    Finally legal in my state!

    I have spent lots of years keepin' it all on the down low. Sheez, I even went up to Vancouver in the mid 90's to score quality seeds because I couldn't find any in Missouri, and B.C. was the mecca in this hemisphere way back then. I'd love to see more of Canada. I've been 3 or 4 times, but...
  2. DrCannaCanadian

    DrCannaCanadian: MarsHydro & Seedsman, Soil & Coco, 2020

    Welcome To DrCannaCanadian's Jedi Garden Grow Starring Mars Hydro And Seedsman Well 420, It's the Roaring '20s all over again - so let's get this party started! Currently, we are germinating the following seeds: 5 Feminized Seedsman Peyote WiFi 1 Feminized Dinafem Dinamed CBD Plus 3...
  3. Macdaddy420

    Macdaddy’s 2019 Outdoor Bonanza

    Hey guys and girls! i decided to start a new journal for my outdoor growing season this year. It’s vastly different from my SOG indoor grow so I thought I would separate the two. Thanks for stopping by! Strain: Blue orbit (blueberry x spoetnik#1) bred by jahseeds.ca Soil: 6”x6” of HP mychorizae...
  4. GypsyGirl420

    Forbidden Fruit

    Edited photo playing around with the beauty of this plant. Shes my Forbidden fruit girl <3
  5. 60's Old Timer

    Just Back From the 60's

    New to the site officially, previously was just looking & reading. After 3 healthy soil grows I decided have a go at DWC. Getting my stuff together now. I'll be watching & asking. Glad to be on board from the start.
  6. E382BFF1-8500-4ACB-A334-F1BC8026C6D3.jpeg


    Some distillate this weekend
  7. HashGirl

    Employee insurance plan must pay for medical marijuana

    Did anyone see this? What do you think? Employee insurance plan must pay for medical marijuana, human rights board rules - Nova Scotia - CBC News
  8. Ron Strider

    Thailand - Law On Marijuana Should Be Eased

    In a long overdue move, the Thai government this past week decided to relax the narcotics law and allow hemp to be grown as a cash crop in six provinces in northern Thailand. The decision to allow hemp in 15 districts of six designated provinces — Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Nan, Tak, Phetchabun...
  9. Ron Strider

    Sri Lanka Launches First Cannabis Plantation To Export To The US

    Sri Lanka will launch its first cannabis plantation to export the drug to the US for medicinal use, the country's health minister announced. The 100-acre (400-hectare) farm could produce more than 25 tons of marijuana a year in a bid to meet the "high demand" for alternative medicine...
  10. Ron Strider

    UK: View On Cannabis Is Harming Medicine And Forcing The Sick To Break The Law

    Cannabis should be legalized — for medical use at least. I had a friend with MS who got great relief from muscle spasms by smoking grass — but she was forced to get her supply from a drug dealer. I thought at the time it was a -scandal that she should have to resort to an illegal source to...
  11. TopCola

    Moon Juice! A simple Cannabis infusion method

    Hello, I am TopCola and I would like to share with you my method for making Cannabis Coconut Oil or MoonJuice as I like to call it. I have been perfecting this method for years and I would love to hear feedback. Step 1: pre-heat oven too 235F Step 2: Grind a minimum of one quarter of...
  12. Ron Strider

    Meet MSNBC "Pot Baron" Andy Williams And His Multiple Marijuana Businesses

    The cannabis industry is creating rapid wealth among investors. However, few entrepreneurs have been as successful as Andy Williams, co-star of MSNBC's "The Pot Barons of Colorado" and founder and CEO of Medicine Man Denver, and several other companies. A few days ago, Williams gave a keynote...
  13. Ron Strider

    Britain Reclassifies CBD Oil As Medicine, While America Throws It In With Heroin

    The DEA considers cannabidiol (CBD) a Schedule I drug — just like heroin. In England? It's rightfully considered medicine. The new ruling in Britain, courtesy Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), was based on credible claims that CBD successfully treats serious diseases —...
  14. Lilface2016

    New guy, lilface 2016, tent first grow!

    Hi everyone. I think I've found my way around... we'll see. New to this forum and could use whatever help or experience to share. I'm new to growing and involved in my first soul grow. I have a variety of questions, so let's play with plants. Thanks all, G
  15. K

    Ireland: Vera Twomey May Be Thanked By All For Historic Walk

    Vera Twomey's walk to the Dáil was a landmark moment for patients all over Ireland, and the latest moment in a wide history of people having to fight for access to medicinal cannabis, writes David Linnane. The real drive for legal medicinal cannabis started in the 1980s in San Francisco...
  16. K

    Much Was Learned At Tribe's First Cannabis Symposium

    By all counts, the 1st Puyallup Tribal Medical Marijuana Symposium was a great success. Attracting a nice-sized crowd to the EQC Showroom that Saturday morning, March 4, attendees learned about the healing powers of cannabis and how tribal members can use this plant as medicine as well as...
  17. TheFrizz

    TheFrizz Is Back! VC/DC, CBD Therapy & Northern Lights Medical Grow For Mom

    Hello friends and wonderful 420 community, :circle-of-love: I'm baaaack! Grab a snack and a ;) because this is a long first post (5 pages when copied and pasted into Microsoft word). Let's start by going back in time 2 months... December: My last post was in mid December before we...
  18. H

    1st timer - Medicinal CCO is my goal

    Hello all, I've been lurking for several weeks reading and researching. I'm 30, male, US. I've never posted anything, on any site before, ever lol. I don't have social media and enjoy being outdoors and helping others. I regularly burn flower for its mellowing effects on my sometimes intense...
  19. K

    UK Reclassifies CBD Oil As Medicine, DEA Deems It On Par With Heroin

    After the DEA moved to further constrain, Americans' access to medically miraculous CBD oil by classifying it alongside heroin and cocaine, Britain chose compassion and common sense – and just classified Cannabidiol (CBD) as a medicine. On Monday, Britain's Medicines & Healthcare products...
  20. K

    Marijuana Legal In The UK? New Classification Of Cannabis Ingredient Announced

    People in the U.K. will soon be able to use cannabis-based products containing the plant's medical component cannabidiol, or CBD, according to reports. The Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) classified CBD as a medicine in the U.K. on Tuesday. Department officials, who...
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