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I'm back


I actually quit smoking weed over a month ago. Had started having some paranoid issues & lost my connections & couldn't afford it, etc. but I had a change of heart yesterday. actually, the night before, I got out my old pipe & cleaned it & smoked resin. not enough to get stoned, but enough to become very mellow & start thinking a different direction. my homeboi told me he was getting some last night & I said "come over," lol. I hadn't touched it or wanted to in about 5 weeks, and this was really good stuff. so I had an incredible high, that was sustained for hours & hours & woke up & kept smokin' today. no paranoia jags, just good times are here again good vibes. I just now tried something very stonerish to try...I made a cup of hot cocoa triple strong, added a little milk & a lot of ice. it's kind of like drinking a cup of mud. I think if it had a coffee kick it would be better. thank you very much. what stonerish things have you been up to?
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