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Back at it again running in my propagation superponics cabinet 2x2
Lighting- x2 hlg qb132 v1 561c 3500k 60watts each
Exhaust- x2 pc fans with x2 4in carbon filters
24in oscillating tower fan
Cloner- 12gal commander tote low pressure aeroponics, house of hydro fogponics 1 disc.
I used a 1 1/4 camper shell weather stripping from Lowe's and it does wonders actually it stays nice in flat in the corners and is all 1 piece..
Nutes- I am using cultured solutions for now as I have 5gal of it and it is my favorite liquid nutes however will be switching to jacks for bloom and pry full veg when I get into the veg tent..
Which I'm waiting to put them into veg as my rdwc is a 4 site..So the 10pk of seeds I germinated and got all 10 they are regular seeds so waiting until they sex and then I'll go from there on moving into the veg tent and
.If I find a nice stout male then I'm gna harvest me some pollen thats for sure and keep it moving so here's like 2.5weeks old I believe
I did have them in a simple dwc at first and the cheap ass t5s just wasn't enough so they stretched and is why they aren't as big as they should be now ...Def learned my lesson thing is that was the 1st time I did that and will be the last as now the qb132 will be mounted to the roof of the cabinet and never will happen again ...Learning from ur mistakes is key...
Also hopefully in the next week or so Ill be ordering my scynce LEDs for veg I'm doing x2 raging kale and my 8x4 bloom will have x2 raging Kush and I can't wait....
I still have a few weeks in the cabinet before they show sex so it would be sweet if I could get my new lights by then as I could do the full grow on it like I normally would actually so stay tuned all.....Going to be a stanky dank ride lol
Yes it's a propagation cabinet only and kinda preveg if u will ...I also sometimes will harvest a male or two in it but just depends wat I have going on the next 3-4wkz I can put something in my veg tent too if I need to...I also have a 2x2x4 tent that I use for males too as if I have 4 male studs that I want to get pollen from I will use the tent over the cabinet as the tent I can fit 4 5gal dwc buckets and works perfect but the cabinet is actually 24x21 so they don't fit..... gna be a fun grow and hoping the scynce LEDs will be here soon as it's going to be incredible with those lights..And my custom made rosin press should be here Around Xmas and the same time maybe even sooner just depends on the company and its going to be rosintastic thats for sure and already got 44g of bubble to press so I'm all ready for it....
Getting there pretty sure got 2 males so far altho I have to wait for the females as I will be moving them and the males I'm just gna keep in the cabinet and flower and harvest in there the 3-4wk is enough time before I need to take clones anyways and if not I can always keep them in the veg tent or maybe do some air pruning if not and see how that works out....these plants are all having great structure and smelling quite nicely tomorrow they are 5wks some update pics....
Finally got the ladies into the veg tent and I am sooo glad they got room to grow now and found out I got 3 males and 6 females as one plant from the 10pk stem broke so I had to cut the stem and make it a clone and still waiting for it to root and start growing again.. However I started flowering the males as I will be out of room if I wait any longer plus they are plenty big for pollen collection in which they have some nice growth patterns and stank so good so they are getting harvested for later...
The ladies didn't even flinch at all from transplanting which I'm shocked by and well I only have a 4 site so 2 buckets have 2 girls 1 cup going on but o well it will work out just fine..
Now if current culture made a 5.5in net pot plug for their dual or quad pot lids I would get the dual lids but no plugs for them and I won't always need to run 2 in a bucket so not doing that it wouldn't be hard to put something over it or a netpot w media but that's just more media to clean for nothing really....
So good to have the veg tent running again that's for sure I def have missed it so the transplants are doing wonderful and quite shocked how well they transplanted that's for sure as they are stupid happy also pry cuz they have more room ,oxygen,light everything is increased for that matter.
Trying some new stuff out like nylon netting on top of the net pots so I can keep the media nice n clean and no plant matter in it as it sucks to get out esp with growstones since they stick to them and stems likes to fall thru the cracks and a bitch to get out...So will c how it works I imagine it will work great and well worth the 1.75 for 4yrds and nylon is easy to clean and will stay cleaner vs thread...And it's reusable of course so well worth the $1.75 it was and 4yrds is plenty for like a lifetime damn near so why not...I'm all about making things easier as being disabled with horrid chronic kidney pain and arthritis in my hands so I'm all about making things easier and less work....
I also been trying out using vinegar for a cleaner and pH down all at once...As I also use it for soaking my airstones in after a crop and it does wonders and they have concentrated vinegar and cheap too and can clean tons on things....
I used it to clean my cloner and before I used it I scrubbed it and still had salt build up on the sides so I ran the vinegar in it running w the misters and air stones and it cleaned it better than new I was quite shocked how well it did I let it dry and it was spotless just vinegar and water...
Been sick in the hospital why I haven't posted anything new but these males I have are huge now and so are the ladies....Can't wait to get home as I got my custom rosin press in and I want to get squishy already bought damn time

The plants haven't been touched at all in a week lol and no issues that's great as it's the last thing I need to with me being sick and in the hospital
I'm not feeling any better tho which is why I'm still in the hospital after 6 days now and no change from day 1 just about which sucks....Lil juicer lmfao skinny and long rectangle heat plates works best for rosin presses and it will do 20g of bubble and 14g of flower not counting bottle tech either ......But it's plenty for my usage that's for damn sure...Yeah I can't wait to take a fat mountain dab of fresh rosin when I get out of here that's for damn sure terptastic
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