Life’s A Journey: King Tut And?

Northern Hydro

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for my amusement / documentation

2 blue dream ( one hydro , one soil) for yield, smoke , affect comparison .
1 blue cookies ( soil)

I was inspired by a 420 member to garden with the moon so all 3 are getting chopped Sept 1/2

introducing King tut from Canuck seed
started from bean Aug. 2 so that would make her 24 days old .

non sponsored lights
Various nutes at my disposal

she is an only child for now .. I plan to drop two more beans , strain TBD , according to the moon when this little one vegges out of the 4x2 and moves into her forever 4x4 home .
According to research , she should be a beast so I wanted her to have the entire 4x4 tent to bloom.


i'll tag along with you on this journy. :popcorn:
Hey PK ! Welcome . I m pretending to know what I’m doing :)

I will try to document what I use and why for shits and giggles .
Namaste !
have you ever tried just cutting the apical meristem instead of cutting it like that.
i find that it has less stress and way faster recop.
Hey @PK1 .. I had to google that .. and I’m still not ‘really’ understanding .. is that the same as fimm’ing?

I’ve legit fimmed a plant ( one them in my journals in sig) and it was a rats nest. As this king tut is supposed to be a beast I wanted to try to maintain some control from the start?

I am not lying when I say ‘I’m ‘pretending to know what I’m doing’ haha
Any input and constructive criticism is more than welcome !
you seem to know what you are doing with the different grow journals you've got going. However, with some lsd training you can deffinitly control the growth and shape of te plant better.
honestly the the results between fimming and topping is the same which will provides two new branches.

2020-08-27 10.58.15.jpg

its hard to take a picture of it but i've put a white circle around it. It's essentially the tip of the plant where the ne leafs develop. between the two small leafs you'll see the apical meristem and you can just cut that. i think i've seen @InTheShed perform the same method and had it in his journal somewhere.
i wonder whos thread it was then!!
i've gotten three stems when I did my "fimmming" if thats the right terminology.
I just did one few days a go and gotten three branches again
i wonder whos thread it was then!!
i've gotten three stems when I did my "fimmming" if thats the right terminology.
I just did one few days a go and gotten three branches again

Fimming is great ! When you hit it right . A lot of larf for me due to my INexperience and it became a HUGE bush.. I’m just rolling with whatever happens to strike my mood at the time :). This girl will have an entire 4x4 to bloom so hopefully she is voluptuous
Lunar calendar says Sept 1/2 or 11/12 for me

I think I’ll take them as originally planned Sept 1/2... tomorrow I may change my mind haha

2 blue dream ( one soil, one hydro)
1 blue cookies
Some food maybe 5 dropssuper thrive / 2 litres of tap water ( to lower ph ) and Cali mag
She took 1.75 litres before run off
King tut
. light lowered
RIP Blue cookies
Bean into water April 5
Flipped June 28th
Harvested today Sept. 1
66 days Bloom

lessons learned
- light too high
not enough Room
Can be topped more and larf cut off
Easily managed in 7 gallon
Get another filter system and/ or grow same strain as the blue dreams are not ready until the next lunar opportunity Sept 10/11

RIP Hydro Blue Dream
Same as above 67 days bloom
LESSONS LEARNED - spread her out more in hydro bucket and raise light .
Condensed bush that threatens bud rot
Thirsty , thirsty - light is high , full strength because I want some space between the nodes Instead of the rats nests I’m used to , and , the little gallon pots dry out QUICK

going to have to give her some food, water , silica , etc. This afternoon and think about transplanting her soon

one soil Blue dream remains .. harvest Sept. 11 as per the lunar calendar
Food ! A soup .. 1.75 liter before run off .. if it fails I can flush and transplant ;)

Super cropped ? Not exactly sure if I was successful.
Her namesake popped by and didn’t want her topped anymore , so I gently broke the inners of two tops ( no tear) to see what happens. Neither one of us know what we are doing , but it’s fun to share the experience .
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