Is this pH tester a good one?

I have a similar unit. These are also extremely similar to the Milwaukee PH600 (Which is recommended by a lot of growers).

In manufacturing, sometimes a company will produce units like these, And multiple other companies want to market the product, by putting their name on the unit at different prices, even though the internal components are identical between them.

Now I can't verify if this unit is Identical to a Milwaukee internally, but I took a chance at it and bought one. So far it was been working great for me. The unit I purchased came with a case, 2 packets of calibration solution, and a screwdriver to make calibration adjustments. My meter was calibrated perfectly out of the box when I tested it.

You cannot use this unit in soil/medium due to the way the unit is constructed, and where the probe is. It will only work to test the PH of your nute solution, and your runoff. Which works fine for my purposes.
Yeah, I noticed there are several seemingly identical units on the market with varying prices and brand names attached. I think I might take a chance with this one. It ain't expensive, I just hope the readings are accurate.
Yeah sorry mate for being a bit cynical in that first post. I used the Milwaukee pens for years and grew to hate them. Don't expect the super cheap imitations to be any better. But it will get you by and it's very cheap. Get a bottle of buffer solution (like 1/2 liter at least) as well. Always store it in that- not regular water and never let the tip dry out and you'll get some use out of it. I'd reccomend getting a backup too like the test drops or something. Also you can get cleaning solution for them but the main thing is to always keep the tip wet with buffer solution. I did a sort of rustic modification to mine to help with that constant issue. Was at the end of my patience with the things by then though hence the rusticness. Here's the link. Good luck!

PH pen reservoir mod
I have a similar one. I don't have any complaints about it...yet. I also, just store it dry with the cap on. I just re-calibrate it to 7.0 with calibration solution before each use.

**edit** This may come back to bite me in the @$$ in the future.
I have a similar one. I don't have any complaints about it...yet. I also, just store it dry with the cap on. I just re-calibrate it to 7.0 with calibration solution before each use.

**edit** This may come back to bite me in the @$$ in the future.

Be optimistic :) Mine has been working flawlessly so far, it helped correct my PH issue and got me into flower. That alone was worth what I paid.
The more expensive testers tend to have a lower tolerance like +- 0.1 pH or even +-0.01 pH where as the cheap ones can vary up to +-1.0pH which isn't good enough for growing dope.
It's all about the quality of the pH probe inside the tester itself. They look the same as the expensive ones but after much research there are many differences. Plastic vs glass, double junction vs single junction, etc etc.
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i don't now of the quality of the pen you are talkin of,but i do have a little knowledge when it comes to ph pens and meters.
i to have a grave yard of ph pens of which i started with the cheapest.every one that i bought would eventually cease to work ,or give me super erroneous readings(which i think is worse than not havin a ph pen).i have used about 7 different models and by far the best one i can find is the blue lab ph meter (not pen style).i don't like the combos just because of all the wires and sometimes extra probe cost.the probes cost me 50-75 dollars depending on where i get it from,and i use mine for a year before i c great fluctuations ,every 6 mons it is recommended that you replace the probe if under heavy use.but i find that good cleaning habits and the way it is stored is the way you keep it fresh.
this is what i call the calibration station.i clean and calibrate the probe once a week.makin sure my calibration solutions are fresh and the right temperature respectively .
this is how i store and use my meter it never leaves the box(unless to replace batteries).the cup with the pink solution(which is 4.0 cali solution)is what the probe sits in when not in use.the cup that it is sittin in is spray foamed in place for steadiness .inside that cup is a smaller vessel that is used to hold the actual probe and its solution(which is removable).the cup with water in it is for rinsing the probe between uses and before it gets put back in storage solution.hate to hit you with all this but mayb u take from it what u will.the pen you are lookin at is relatively cheap and i believe that u get what u pay for when buying things of this nature.but if this is the only route u can take at this time then u gotta do it,whatever keeps you croppin,right.well good luck and please let us now how it turns out.
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