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Is this useful? UV bulb


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Hi guys, is this bulb any useful combined with led?

datasheet: only data i've been able to find.
Tension: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Rating: 20 W
Socket: E-27
Life: 5000 h
Light ouput intensity: 22000 Lm
Socket Diameter: 52 mm
Total tube Diameter: 42 mm
Total length: 160 mm
Ecodesign regulation: Yes
Energy efficiency class: None
Rated power: 20.00 W
Energy consumption: 20.00 kWh/1000h
Color: Ultra-violet



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Hey, I am no expert on this, but I think those won't do anything. As far as I know, you need a true UV light. Usually comes with a label bein either 5% or 10% UV. You should check pet shops as I believe that is the only place that is actually legal to sell such lamps. (for iguanas and such)

All other "decoration" lamps (which I think this is) have to have glass that shields from harmful UV rays.

Just my 0.02 on this....


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you want lights in the uv-b spectrum.
UV-b lights are available in tubes, and in T5 and T8. you can find some on amazon for 6.99 up.
Just remember, while UV-b spectrum light increase thc/resin production it will cost you some yield. (but the pros generally outweigh the cons)


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How the Sunlight Effects cannabis plant Growth

200 - 280 nm UVC ultraviolet range which is extremely harmful to cannabis plants because it is highly toxic.
280 - 315 nm Includes harmful UVB ultraviolet light which causes cannabis plants colors to fade.
315 - 380 nm Range of UVA ultraviolet light which is neither harmful nor beneficial to cannabis plant growth.
380 - 400 nm Start of visible light spectrum. Process of chlorophyll absorption begins. UV protected plastics ideally block out any light below this range.
400 - 520 nm This range includes violet, blue, and green bands. Peak absorption by chlorophyll occurs, and a strong influence on photosynthesis. (promotes vegetative growth)
520 - 610 nm This range includes the green, yellow, and orange bands and has less absorption by pigments.
610 - 720 nm This is the red band. Large amount of absorption by chlorophyll occurs, and most significant influence on photosynthesis. (promotes flowering and budding)
720 - 1000 nm There is little absorption by chlorophyll here. Flowering and germination is influenced. At the high end of the band is infrared, which is heat.
1000+ nm

So when using the uvb, keep in mind is damaging/stressing the plant so develop a schedule for its use. (though some growers swear by using it the entire 12 hours)


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If it's something you're interested in, you can get a bulb for 7$ and an adapter for 2$ online.
You'll see more resin production as the plant tries to protect itself, and you'll increase your THC potency by 5-10%.
Worst case scenario, you're out 10$ and your babies are a little frostier =p
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