Jean-Michel Baylet - Government member in favor of legalization of MJ


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Recently, the government members of France were changed for a new team. Mr Jean-Michel Baylet is a newcomer and he has cleary said he was in favor of legalization. Last year, the Department of Justice reminded that, when more than 40% of the French population uses MJ daily or weekly, and 70% are in favor of legalization, then a debate must take place. No debate took place because of the medias and other political parties.

In France, the taboo about cannabis is very strong. It is a prohibition country, despite its worldwide image of a country for "human rights" . That was true hundreds of years ago, it was true and the French legacy of that time is also part of the US history. Great, but nowadays, theFrench people know that it is the past, the same as associating San Fransisco with Hippies, then with gays etc etc. The world changes fast. France changed radically in this respect.

That's why talking about MJ in France is still difficult (most citizen will just shut up and look in the opposite direction, because they want to avoid problems, especially in those times of state is spying on citizen and arrests arbitraily some of them, on the pretext of fighting terrorism). That's why government members talking about cannabis legalization is something that should be noticed, eventhiough it is not new (at each elections there is someone saying he will legalize, but after the elections, they "forget" to even talk about it). The state of ignorance of French citizens about MJ is incredible. It is equivalent to what would have been written in the US press in the 30's or 40's and later.
In Europe, the criminal networks are the one who benefoit from the prohibition, and because of geography, they are very close to terririst networks. The events of November 13th showed and prooved that beyond doubt.

So, if there are French people here, what do you think about the nomination of Jean-Michel Baylet : is it only for the elections to try to get MJ users votes ? Did this person do anything in favor of MJ in the past, by actions rather than words ? Is there any group or association in favor of MJ that is not the target of the police and governmental forces ? in a country were 40% use MJ and 70% are in favor of legalization ?

I doubt that there is hope with the current government, even less with other political parties, but I would like to know more if someone has relevant info. What has been really done in this area a part from selling Sativex?
I think that there will be very little replies to this post, because indeed, it looks like it can't happen in a country like France, even if 99% of the citizens would want it.
Thanks !
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