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Quick & efficient hand wash after manicure with simple cooking oil!


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if you manucure by hand without gloves, you probably experienced the sticky fingers, when you can't do anything anymore because tools and stuff are glued to your fingers :) And when you are done, you must wash you hands anyway! and soap and dish wahsing liquid won't work. And you don't want to use special alcohols and chemicals which are not tested for skin contact !!!!! There is a much safer and cleaner way!

I use sunflower oil, the same i use for salad dressing and frying!

I use it like soap, and rub my hands together until i don't feel the glue anymore (it takes 1 or 2 minutes).
Then I wash my hands with soap to remove the oil, and - magic ! - no more sticky fingers !!

--> it also avoids using oil before manucure, which protects the fingers, but may give taste to the weed, or leave oil traces anyway. By washing hands with oil AFTER manucure, the weed integrity is better respected.

I use sunflower oil, but olive oil and any other edible oils should work the same!

(nb: may be it was a known trick, but I asked before and no one told me about washing hands with sunflower oil or other oils).

Happy manucuring without sticky fingers !


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Good thread Spacef. It took me about a decade of growing before I figured out that oil thing, but better late than never I guess. Oil cuts the resin, soap cuts the oil. It's a lifesaver for cleaning everything from hands to tools to cannabis concentrate containers.


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That's not glue tho. Its hash. Scrape it off your tools and run your hands together and you can gather it either for smoking vaping or eating
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