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June 1, 2007 - 420 Magazine Newsletter

Jim Finnel

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420 Magazine Newsletter - Creating Cannabis Awareness Since 1993 - June 1, 2007

L.A. Council Considering Banning New Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
Anyone wanting to open a new medical marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles over the next year might see their plans go up in smoke, if a plan being considered by a City Council committee comes to fruition.

Medical Marijuana Quandary
Last week, the City Council passed an urg-ency ordinance to extend a temporary moratorium on dispensaries of medicinal marijuana that has been in place for two years. A ban makes it harder for legitimate users of medical marijuana to obtain their supply.

Largest Bust In Sequoia National Park History
Rangers from several national parks had uprooted 17,334 pot plants and destroyed a nursery of 800 seedlings, making it the largest marijuana raid in the park's history.

Pot Club Struggles For Financial Survival
Santa Cruz's oldest marijuana club has seen a precipitous drop in donations that sustain the organization since the federal government raided its gardens five years ago, and organizers are worried they will have to scale back their operations or even close.

Riverside Police Raid Pot Dispensary
Riverside police raided a medical-marijuana dispensary Tuesday that was filled with prepackaged pot stored in a 6-foot-high safe with humidity control.

The Doctor Of Last Resort
When the Medical Marijuana Patients Union held a symposium in Fort Bragg in August, 2004, Sheriff Tony Craver asked an organizer to please introduce him to Dr. Tod Mikuriya. It turned out that Mikuriya had left after participating in a morning panel. "That's one man I've always wanted to meet," said Craver, looking down in disappointment. The sheriff knew there was something unique about Mikuriya, and so did half the cops and prosecutors in California, who, unlike Tony Craver, fiercely resented him for legitimizing people previously considered criminals.

Palm Desert Approves Marijuana Ban
The Palm Desert City Council voted unanimously Thursday to permanently outlaw medical marijuana dispensaries.

Fontana To Let Dispensary Ban Expire
The City Council will allow a 45-day moratorium banning medical marijuana dispensaries to expire on Friday.

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Smokeless Cannabis Delivery Device Found Efficient And Less
A smokeless cannabis-vaporizing device delivers the same level of active therapeutic chemical and produces the same biological effect as smoking cannabis, but without the harmful toxins, according to UCSF researchers.
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Making A Case For Marijuana Use In Relieving Pain
People suffering from the ravages of chemotherapy, glaucoma, HIV, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy or terminal illnesses sometime turn to marijuana - as a last hope for relief. Yet, under current law, these patients are subject to arrest, criminal prosecution and incarceration. Even their doctors can find themselves under fire from prosecutors should they promote the medicinal benefits of pot.
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Medical Marijuana: The Replacement for Very Dangerous Drugs
When I was ordered before the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners, the first question I was asked by Dr. Spokas, the chairman, from Ontario, Oregon, was "Dr. Leveque don't you know that marijuana is very addicting and very dangerous?"
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Volunteers Lining Up To Grow Medical Marijuana
Imagine farmers from near and far lured by the prospect of growing pot for a new niche of medical marijuana patients in The Land of Enchantment.
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Medical Marijuana Research Should Not Be Hampered
FEDERAL agencies that oppose the medical use of marijuana are in a position to hamper scientific studies by controlling the supply of marijuana to scientists, but an administrative judge had recommended that it allow a Massachusetts researcher to grow his own. The Drug Enforcement Administration should heed the advice.
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Medical Marijuana Use Initiative Launches In Mich.
An initiative that would allow seriously ill Michigan residents to use marijuana as a pain reliever without repercussions will be launched this week, The Coalition for Compassionate Care announced Wednesday.
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Marijuana Intoxication Does Not Adversely Impact Decision Making, Study Says
New York, NY: Experienced marijuana users perform tasks as accurately after having smoked cannabis as they do sober, according to clinical trial data published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology.
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Medical Marijuana Group Moves To Hasten Federal Lawsuit
San Francisco, CA - A national medical marijuana patients' rights group filed a motion for summary judgment today in its lawsuit against the federal government in an attempt to accelerate a decision in the case. The plaintiff, Americans for Safe Access (ASA), filed a lawsuit in February 2007 challenging statements by the federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that marijuana has no accepted medical value. The lawsuit followed a two-year administrative petition process using a little-known law called the Data Quality Act (DQA), which allows parties to challenge the science used in regulatory policy.
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Medical Marijuana One Step Away From FDA Development Process
WASHINGTON D.C. - A U.S. Department of Justice-appointed judge submitted her final recommendation to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) on May 15, calling on the agency to end a forty-year government monopoly on the supply of research-grade marijuana available for Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved studies. With this monopoly broken, new studies could lead to medical marijuana's availability in pharmacies as a legal, prescription drug.
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Rosenthal Convicted On 3 Charges
Marijuana activist Ed Rosenthal was convicted in a retrial in federal court in San Francisco today of three counts of growing marijuana and conspiring to do so at an Oakland warehouse.
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