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Just a random seed :)


Hey ppl nice to meet you all :) im from Bulgaria and i just wanted to share my baby with you .
This is my 6th time growing !
Its a random seed that i put in a pot with another flower just for joke :D
POt - 1 or 2 galons
Soil - normal soil for regular flowers + biohumus
Female plant
watering - only with mineral water from the store :)
Nutes - in veg i didn`t use nutes , flowering using brown krystalon for flowering flowers + molasses
no lamps just sun :)
19 days flowering for now
light schedule 12/12
i had some bug problems but they were solved fast
I wanted to be that tall cause there are neighbours watching me !
The plant was topped about 1,5 week veg
I lst the plant and lollipoped all the lower branches in veg
planing to top the buds just a few more days
planing last 2 weeks - 2 times flush and watering with 1 ts molasses every other watering , no nutes !
planing for last 3 days flowering - 3 days dark + 3 days no water and low temp , and after 3 days dark and no water adding water flavor (pinaple) 30 min to soke up the water and harvest
looking good for now :)
sorry for my bad english
Any tips would be great !!! 10q all


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A few seeds aren't going to hurt anything-the seed pod (calyx) is still covered with trichomes,and that's what we're really looking for.
And the seeds will all be females-possibly hermies,but possibly not...so now you'll have seeds for next years crop-you will know to be on the lookout for male flowers,so ,unless they're thicker than flies on $hit,you should be able to pluck them off.
They're pretty easy to spot,since the male flower parts will have no trichomes on them,and on a really frosty plant,they stick out like a sore thumb.
If you find out that the smoke is great,it might be worth the extra effort....if it ends up being schwag,then just don't plant the seeds.
Doesn't look like it's going to be schwag,though-looks Great!
One of my plants from this thread:
ended up being a mild hermie,with an occasional seed here and there,and the smoke is still very,very good.
So,IMO,a few seeds don't mean anything as far as quality is concerned-except that you may be able to grow more of the same great stuff next grow...


the balls are hiiden between the buds .... do i keep on removing them or just give up and let it grow with seeds?
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