Leaves turning yellow and brown


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hello im a first time grower and was just wondering y my leaves are turning yellow and brown can any one help,

ok something is very wrong.

can you please tell us what your soil is and anything you have added?

What water do you use?

what Nutes do you use?

what lights and how long?

how old are the plants?


PH of the soil?

Do you have any very small bugs on the leaves or soil that you can see...a magnifying glass may be needed. (they look like they might be bugs in your pic)

Do you have a humidity tester?
water-tap set out for 24hr.
soil-mg potting mix and mg mos.
nutes-mg 15-30-15
lights-6- 4foot long fluoerscent on 12-off 12
age--10 weeks
temp.about 85- PH 7.0 thanks for your help
temps and PH are ok, PH isnt great, but it will survive near 7, mine are always 7.

your flouros..what frequency are they? ie 2700k or 6500k or like grolux dual specrum?

someone with more know than me eeds to pipe up, but all that MG stuff looks like a massive overdose, however if they have survived in those same pots of soil since the begining the soil nutes may hopefully be dpeleted...

i reccomend a flush. check the faqs for flush solutions =)
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