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The feds should stop harassing sick patients who have the legal right to use Marijuana.

IN THE FICTIONAL world of the hit show "24," federal law enforcement agencies are pouring every last resource into the search for a nuclear terrorist in Los Angeles.

In the real world, federal agents apparently have so much free time that they can dress up in bulletproof vests and masks in order to raid clinics that serve patients battling cancer, AIDS and other diseases. That's what happened last week as Drug Enforcement Administration agents stormed 11 medical marijuana dispensaries throughout L.A. and West Hollywood. We can all rest easier knowing that lollipops, cookies, candies and candy bars laced with marijuana are in no danger of reaching seriously ill patients.

Recall that 56% of California voters passed the Compassionate Use Act in 1996, making it legal for patients to obtain and use medical marijuana under the care of a doctor. A 2004 Field poll showed that support for the law has grown since its passage, with 74% of Californians now in favor of allowing sick patients to use marijuana. In 2004, SB 420 clarified how much medicinal cannabis patients could grow and possess, and it allowed local governments to set additional guidelines.

The West Hollywood City Council recently voted to control the number of medical marijuana dispensaries operating in the city. Last week, the Los Angeles Police Department submitted more than 40 recommendations for controlling dispensaries, seeking to ban them from being within 1,000 feet of schools and to require owners to remove all litter "visible to the public within 100 feet of the premises at least twice daily." The dispensaries also have practiced self-regulation. Yes, there have been poorly run dispensaries and others looking to circumvent the system but the feds didn't focus on them.

Instead, this raid hit one of the best-run dispensaries in West Hollywood the Farmacy where patients must present valid medical information verified by doctors; where purchases are limited to 1 ounce, even though the law allows patients to possess 8 ounces; where patients aren't allowed to medicate on the premises; and where anyone caught with forged documents is detained until police arrive and charged with a felony.

The Farmacy has been a leader in treatment and education. Caring for patients suffering from everything from cancer to glaucoma to multiple sclerosis, it teaches patients about the effects of different strains of indica and sativa marijuana and offers edibles and concentrated medicine in the form of oil to reduce the potential harm of smoking marijuana in plant form.

THE RAID ON the Farmacy shocked West Hollywood officials, who weren't notified of it in advance.

"We have worked closely with our community to ensure these establishments operate safely and comply with the spirit of Proposition 215," West Hollywood City Council member Jeffrey Prang said.

"The DEA is here to enforce federal drug laws," Special Agent Sarah Pullen declared, and, strictly speaking, she was right. In a 2001 case, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the "medical necessity" of a patient could not be used as a defense against federal drug enforcement. (The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 classifies marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug with "no medical uses" making it worse in the eyes of the feds than *******, methamphetamine and many other drugs.) In 2005, the court ruled that federal authorities could even stop a seriously ill patient from cultivating marijuana for her personal use.

In her dissent from that decision, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor declared that such "overreaching stifles an express choice by some states." Justice John Paul Stevens noted in his opinion for the court that Congress could revisit its outdated law to deal with the "strong arguments that marijuana does have valid therapeutic purposes."

Meanwhile, the DEA can still bully its way past California law while ignoring its own spectacular policy failures. The DEA has failed to significantly reduce marijuana consumption despite breathtaking increases in arrests and incarcerations.

And its recent efforts aimed at keeping medicine from patients are shamefully transparent attempts to go after an easy target: Marijuana dispensaries operate openly, and cancer patients are limited in their ability to evade law enforcement.

The arcane classification of marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act persists despite the government's own actions and data to the contrary. In 1992, the Food and Drug Administration approved Marinol pills, which use the active ingredient in marijuana (THC) to treat nausea and vomiting. In 1999, the Institute of Medicine, part of the National Academy of Sciences, concluded that "the evidence is relatively strong for the [marijuana] treatment of pain and, intriguing although less well established, for movement disorders."

So what can be done? Congress must reclassify marijuana in accord with the standards of science and medicine. The law simply needs to be fixed.

Until that time, the DEA should find better ways to spend its time and resources.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach) has called on the federal government to leave California and the 10 other states that have approved medical marijuana alone. His bipartisan bill, co-sponsored by Rep. Maurice D. Hinchey (D-N.Y.), was voted down 264 to 161 in 2005.

This reform is overdue. It should be an urgent priority for our new Congress to stop the Justice Department from arresting or harassing sick people in 11 states who have the legal right to use medical marijuana.

By Manuel S. Klausner, MANUEL S. KLAUSNER, founder of the Reason Foundation, is a lawyer in Los Angeles. He filed the Reason Foundation's amicus brief in the Supreme Court medical marijuana case of Gonzales vs. Raich.

Let them have their pot
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Well said, and right on the mark.

Have any patients ever been arrested in these raids?


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HappyKitty said:
Well said, and right on the mark.

Have any patients ever been arrested in these raids?

Agreed!! Have patient's records been seized and used to get a search warrant for people's houses? Or is that not high-profile enough?

Please reform!


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Well I maybe a marked man, because I've had my information taken from 3 raids already, not to mention that the Feds already know who is a patient in this state...I'm professionally licensed by the State of Ca. to practice my trade...under the regulations of the Board of Consumer Affairs...which gives state licenses to all professions, they can suspend or revoke the license because a drug crime is involved. Regardless of the circumstances, medical necessity...whatever
:11: Hypothetically, if I were a Bush DEA agent, the next on the list after clinic raids is those who grow & cultivate at home...who buys starter plants...also all suppliers...(i don't grow, so I'm a minow in the big pond compared to some of you) If they could tie individual purchases to patient's potential for sale & distribution of a banned illegal substances...that means all patients( this part is pure fiction, and an attempt to get in the mind of an eager DEA agent).
There really is nothing we could do while they trample the rights of the individual...sure you can protest, but that probably will not improve things much...fight in court and all that, in my case I'd would immediately be terminated from my employer and then I'd have to scratch up change for a lawyer to fight the charges...perhaps I might win...I'm still unemployed & professionally hamstringed to make a living...lose the home...maybe my wife would split...real rosey outlook huh?


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power imbalance

The Solution

The United States was intended to be much like the European Union is today, with each state having basic sovereignty. Now the states have no freedom to exercise democracy because the federal government is in control of the money. Any state attempting to exercise its governmental rights is threatened with the scenario of having federal funding cut off...that is, if the decision of the people in that state does not agree with the decision of the big boys. In the case of medicinal marijuana the states are simply ignored, either way the state rights are disregarded by a federal government that has grown out of control, consuming all in its wake--including the individual states that were given power in order to ensure that the American democracy did not move towards a totalitarian state dictating ethics. The solution is patriotism--not only for our nation, but for whatever state you are apart of. If most people in your state disagree with your point of view, move to a state with more like-minded people and have pride in your state. Organize into state societies with the aim to restore freedom to your state. In this way pharmaceutical lobby power will no longer be able to control the laws, for if marijuana becomes federally legal they will loose billions of dollars, which is why they poor millions of dollars into ensuring the laws do not change. If each state obtains its rightful power it would be impossible for any group to control the national laws on such specific views as marijuana regulation.

That's enough preaching


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Amen....isn't funny that most citizens don't have a clue as to how lg the Gov. has become? It's become expectant that federal government intervene in every facet of life...how can that be reversed? You can't have it both ways...be there for every lil' need, or back off and let ea. individual state handle its problems...it would be nice to have a menu where you could pick the way you want it (X) ea. citizen=everyone would be happy...even on a good buzz I know that it would probably spell anarchy...I am for reestablishing the States right to self govern its' citizens...I hope this could be a ground swell of a larger movement to protect what our sons & daughters and those preceded us fought so hard to protect...our FREEDOM


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LOL...I'll have to read it later...I've started my weekend already & now I'm only capable of menu reading and mindless banter:60: :laugh2:


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Take your time Zed , reading the whole series take time.......but it's worth it .


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What Tha Fuck??

This is a very disappointing and unfortunate situation. We do have fanatics that are actively working towards detonating a nuclear device in this country and tha bitch ass feds are wasting time and valuable, limited resources on harassing sick citizens who are just trying to medicate their illnesses. It seems apparent that tha federal government isn't to worried about another attack on american soil, because they aren't focusing ALL their attention and resources on preventing terrorism. They're bullshiting around and raiding cannabis clubs all across tha state when they could be conducting surveillance on suspected sleeper cells and raiding them.
This kind of reminds me of tha time when tha feds arrested Tommy Chong and confiscated his brand of bongs at his Los Angeles headquarters. He was suspected of providing material support to terrorists and was given a nine month sentence in federal prison. Tha asshole prosecuter said that tha Cheech and Chong movies were evidence that he trivialized law enforcement efforts to combat marijuana traffiking and illicit use. Chong was arrested for selling bongs. WHAT THA FUCK? Another example of wasted time and resources when tha feds should have been focusing on possible terrorist attacks in this country. Almost any person with common sense would agree that Chong being arrested for selling bongs is pointless and irresponsible. Despite tha feds' efforts, there are still thousands of bongs and related paraphernalia sold around tha country every day.
Tha thing that's mindboggling is that tha federal government consists of supposedly god-worshiping men and women who are morally superior. By their logic, god created cannabis and it's nothing like tha many other natural substances that can hurt or kill you. As far as I know, cannabis doesn't adversely affect tha human body negatively. So then god must have put cannabis on this planet for our benefit, not detriment! Those assholes paint cannabis as something evil that will turn you on to heroin and meth. Tha non-profit organization that advises tha federal government on drug policy claims that cannabis possesses medicinal value. Yet tha bitch administration holds cannabis as their number one priority in the war on drugs, while law enforcement say that METHAMPHETAMINE is THEIR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. Bitch ass muthafuckas got it twisted! Also, I don't remember if I already mentioned this but Arnold vetoed legislation that would have decriminalized tha industrial use of hemp in California. What a fucking traitor. He was in a bodybuilding documentary in tha 70s that showed him smoking a joint! Obviously he thought cannabis was cool back then but now he's totally against it. Fuck Arnold, let's recall his bitch ass!
In conclusion, tha federal government has it's priorities all fucked up! If you happen to vote, make sure you support someone who has their mind right and knows how valuable cannabis is and want to actively work towards decriminalizing it for tha whole country. I would also encourage to anyone out there who is intelligent and knowlegable in politics, religion, sociology, economics, history, and language arts(grammar, vocabulary), that you run for office so you can legitimately try to make this country a better place for EVERYONE. Not just helping out only friends and family like how tha current politicians operate.
Peace and love.

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They do delete them as soon as they see them. And you can report them. Late in the evening here, there are times they show up, I have seen them too. Look below your name and you will see a triangle to report them

They usually don't last long, but report em. They have no business here.

Welcome to the site Ingebora, please keep posting, and tell us about yourself.

Peace and happiness


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Feds has no business to bust these patients.
The fed is suspossed to looking for a terrorist not Patients.
This don,t make no sense at all.
It is so messy this part of united state is so screw up our people we have right to smoke and also useing marijuana medical.
This Untied States is so suck.
Who we are?
We are american people not crimes,still don,t make any sense.
Hell with this countries
I,m fed up with this law.and hell with the law I,ll will smoke what I want to, no law bother me peroid.
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