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male contamination


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I have a question...... A couple of years back I had successfully grown a decent strain indoors, in a well ventilated space. A clone from that plant got a bit stressed but it finally got going. At the same time I regenerated the original plant. Had both going in the same area. By harvest time 10 or 11 weeks later both plants had seeds male flowers and buds. Now fast forward a couple of years did not use the space at all. I sprouted a decent seed in July. switched the lights to 12/12 3 weeks ago and it appears the girl has boy parts too. My question is: Could there be pollen left from the morphs a couple of years ago, could that have caused the morphing now? And since I seem to have flowers now, how can I clean the area to make sure no pollen is left for the next girl? Or is there no problem at all and I just had a bad seed.?? Thank you in advance :peace:

ps.. same question is posted an a different thread. My apologies.....

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no pollen from the old grow would not be viable.
make sure enviroment is running on spec ...stress can do this to plants


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Pollen can't make plants morph it can only fertilze, it's plant sperm. if twice you hermied in same growing spot maybe you have a light leak ? I'm not sure how long polen stays viable or how to clean it properly


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Since your new plant has male counterparts a good thing to do before your next grow would be take a spray bottle with soapy luke warm water and spray and wipe down the walls and the floor even the ceiling if applicable to clear the grow space of any male pollen that may contaminate future plants. The guys are also correct, typically when a female plant starts exhibiting signs of male counterparts (pollen sacks,nanners,seeds) if it from relentless stress on your plant. This stress can be in many forms, it could be that your grow space is not completely dark at lights out, this is crucial even a small led light on a fan tower can throw a plant off. This stress can also be in the form of temperatures, either large and sudden fluctuations or extremely high and or low temps. If you have fans for air circulation in your grow space, you want to make sure that it is not violently pushing and blowing your plants all around, you want just slight movement on the fan leaves. Just enough to enough the air is moving. Lets not forget nutrient abuse as well, less is more in these cases. Force feeding your girls wont make them any bigger or stronger, it will only contribute to stress. This includes PH fluctuation as well.
I will not name everything that can contribute to plant stress because we will be here all day, but these are the major players the majority of the time.


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Thank you all for the advice.
I checked again yesterday when I got home, and it was painfully obvious that it is a full blown male plant. I mistaken thought there were female and male parts, but looking again there is nothing but male flowers. The center looked like buds at first, but no such luck. I took it out of the grow area. Don't know what to do with it exactly. I have my lights set to be on @ 6:00 am off at midnight on the veg cycle, and on @ 6:00am off @ 6:00pm for budding. I will double check for any leaks. I should have paid more attention during the pre-flower stage. I was just so sure that the seed would be a girl I really didn't check very well. Wasted alot of time. I did have three very successful grows in the same space. I had a problem when I regenerated a plant and nursed a very stressed clone back to health. The regenerated plant had to be stressed out as well. Oh well, Live and learn.
I've already sprouted another seed in a different area. I'm going to clean the grow area completely, might even paint it just to be sure. I don't know how much pollen came of the dude before I took him out. Thanks again very much. I have learned a lot from this board, and appreciate every bit of the knowledge. I might post a pic later. I'm still a hair paranoid about that...:)
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