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Marihuana Before Surgery by Anonymous

Julie Gardener

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Dear Dr. Grinspoon:
Recently I had surgery to remove cancerous cells in my uterus. Before surgery the anesthesiologist asked if I was taking any medication. I replied only cannabis, but that I would not take it the morning of my surgery. He said, "I would urge you to smoke before surgery, as this is not a problem." So the morning of my surgery I smoked a joint, and later after surgery I woke up wide awake and ready to go home.

Recently I had a hysterectomy as the cells have grown. I smoked two joints before surgery and when it was over I again woke up fully with no nausea and no pain; I was feeling pretty great. I was offered morphine for the pain and took two injections. Afterwards I became nauseous and very tired. Even the thought of smoking made me sick. After three days a friend asked me to go out and smoke. I did so and was amazed when the nausea went away. I was again feeling great and was released the next morning.

During my stay, a lot of people made comments about my high pain tolerance level. I am now home and feeling better than I have for years. I think a lot has to do with the cannabis, and I thank God for the anesthesiologist encouraging me to use this herb before surgery. If I had to do it all again, I would not hesitate. Because of my experience I'll never again be afraid to have surgery.

Lynn Harichy

London Cannabis Compassion Center

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Before I had surgery in... 2008, I asked both my anesthesiologist and surgeon if it was cool that I smoked cannabis... Both said it was not a problem, and there was no reason to stop any specific time before surgery.

I had an ileectomy.

Called a buddy, who is the only other person I know who has had intestinal surgery, to ask when he started smoking after surgery... I'll never forget his response, made me laugh!
He was like "Smoking what?":lot-o-toke:
I said "uhh... What do you mean?":30:
"well, cigarettes or pot?":lot-o-toke:
"Um... Pot":hmmmm:
"oh, both. Immediately.":smokin2:
Not even ten seconds later I had a joint lit!:high-five:
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