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Marijuana Seized from Home in Union Township

Jim Finnel

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Close to 800 marijuana plants were seized from a house near Birdsboro today. Federal drug agents, along with state and local police, were on the scene for eight hours.Now, one man is in custody. WFMZ's Karin Mallett reports. Agents arrested 29 year old Nghiep Nguyen who police say was inside the home. He'll likely face a long list of criminal charges - after hundreds of marijuana plants were reportedly found all over the house. It was quite a scene as agents removed the drugs - by the barrel.
Barbara Bradley: 9:00 I sent my husband out to the mailbox to get the newspaper to check this out and this was all- this operation was underway.
Agents used neighbor Barbara Bradley's wheelbarrow - there was just too much to carry by hand. 788 marijuana plants were removed from this home on Hopewell Street in Union Township. The drugs would be worth about $800,000 on the street.
Chief Ted Roth: "Extremely large scale- in my 27 years experience this is the largest scale marijuana operation that I've seen- the growing part of it."
Known as a growhouse- there were enough marijuana plants inside to line the driveway.. a driveway that runs at least three car lengths. A sophisticated operation- there was little furniture inside. A sofa and big screen TV in the living room - police say the rest of the house was filled with plants.
Roth: "The entire house was made- set up with lights and heating systems, dehumidifiers, specifically to grow marijuana. "
George Lott: "Well I was quite surprised because I live about a block away and I just never had any idea that something like this was going on in my neighborhood."
Others say they knew something was amiss. Neighbors say the new owner moved in this past November but that they rarely saw him.
Bradley: " But it was just that you never saw anyone-usually you can wave to a neighbor just you know something like that and you never would see anyone- that's pretty strange." We're told this kind of operation uses a lot of electricity- but the Met-Ed bills to the house weren't unusually high. Police believe 90 percent of the electricity being used was not being paid for- and that it was stolen- bypassed before it got to the meter.

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