Marinol and Nausea and Vomiting by Meriann

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Marinol and Nausea and Vomiting by Meriann​

I e-mailed you last week regarding my mother's battle with nausea and vomiting due to end stage pancreatic cancer. All of the antinausea drugs (Zofran, Compazine, Phenergan, Reglan, etc.) were tried with no success. Finally, we requested Marinol. After being hospitalized in agony for two months, Marinol was started and my dear Mother was discharged within three days of the introduction of Marinol. After not eating for three months, she is steadily increasing her food intake and has not vomited at all. Believe it or not, the doctors don't want to admit that the Marinol is responsible. Your website gave me the courage to push for Marinol. Before coming here, I had intended to give her illegal marihuana when she was discharged, but she probably would have died before that. Thank you so much for this legitimate discussion on the benefits of marihuana. It gave me the strength to advocate for a drug that carries a stigma capable of clouding the clearest of minds. I am convinced. I would have NO problem testifying before Congress on this matter. More telling is my 67-year-old father's reaction. He has gone from hating marihuana to being its biggest advocate. Desperation accomplishes much in situations such as these.

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Thanks for posting this Julie!
I've had no appetite and can't keep food down for years. All the scoping and prodding of the GI doc gave no reason for this. I've resorted to IV fluids and nutrients once a week to control my weakness from lack of nutrition. All the nausea meds listed above just don't work. Promethazine knocks you out and takes forever to work if it does. Zofran is so expensive I can only get a two day supply at a time. None of these help appetite! They give Progesterone for appetite in the form of Megastrol which has the side effect of shutting your adrenal glands down and nausea. Brilliant! Don't take this!

I resorted to MM in my volcano and only eat one meal a day, late at night after vaporizing a few bags. Some strains didn't work, but most do. Now taking my volcano snd MM on vacation and I really became desperate for a solution. I spend my holidays watching people eat, taking some home and snarling it down in privacy. Fun.

I found this post while looking for solutions and came across this post. My military doc agreed and gave me enough for vacation in 5mg. It works!!! I am snarfing down steak and potato just 30 minutes after taking a pill. The nausea is gone and food is tasty again! For those of you worried about the side effects, I use MM every day and have a high tolerance. 5mg isn't enough to relieve any of my back pain, but neither does MM so far. :( I think it would help others with pain and it certainly works for appetite and nausea. It's effect is not burning and like a narcotic, but it is strong. It's closest to a medium strength edible with half Sativa half Indica. It doesn't make me tired, but more spacy out of body. It helped my nausea and appetite quickly, but the side effects kick in 2 hours later! I notice my tolerance increases the more I take it, thank heavens. There's no way I could drive or bike. Keep in mind I'm on tons of meds!

So for a MM newbie or someone who is weak or has balance problems, prepare to kick up your feet and eat, but limit walking or driving until you build tolerance to Marinol. I highly recommend this nationwide, legal in all states and easy to travel with. In the EU, you can buy dronabinol in a tincture form at many pharmacies, with a script.

Hope that helps, thanks for the post! I can eat again! :))
Marinol/ dronabinol are good options, especially for traveling in non-MMJ states... Gotta say, I didn't find it as effective as normal cannabis... But it does work pretty well. It's pretty pricey too, IMO.

It would be important to note, while this isn't a highly dangerous medication ( such as many painkillers can be) it isn't quite as safe as straight cannabis... There have been a small number of deaths in association with marinol.. I think there were four. Can't remember. Who know though, it may not have been the sole cause.
Hi THSea!

I'm back from my vacation and to real MJ. It is shocking to hear there have been deaths from this. I have to wonder if it was tincture form. I'd had it once for pain while living in Europe and without a clue that it was actually pot. Frustrating it wasn't helping my pain, I got aggregated one night and just shock dozens of drops into my hot choclate, waited a bit and repeated. I almost called an ambulance as I thought my heart would explode! It was terrifying. No amount of buds or wax has done that to me since I started using MM years later! I could see that being dangerous for a person weak and ill, wether intentional or not.

My own use on vacation was only for eating and nausea which worked well any time of day. It took 5 days before all side effects were gone, mild as they were. If you want Marinol for chronic pain, pain so bad morphine doesn't help, or to get high don't bother! When I got back a d vaporized a tiny bud, it messed me up. My tolerance to MM had been reset while using Marinol. Lol

If smell of food makes you ill, this is worth considering. Don't risk taking too much to see what happens. I don't know how the pharmaceutical companies actually make these, but it is unlike any form of tincture or concentrate I've tried. Treat it as a drug and take what you doc says, no more!

I'll be using if again for traveling and public. I didn't throw up once in 10 days! :))))

Hi Lusi, my wife seems to be experiencing some of the same symptoms you mention; cannot hold food down, vomiting any times she eats or drinks. She is on hyperal (TPN - nutrition IV) so she getting her calories, but worried no solid food. This has only been for past 3 months and the first 2 was because of depression from cancer. We are using cannabis oil and have just finished 1 week. She was bloated and that has all gone away- my thinking is the oil is working and cleaning out her insides so to get to work?? We have marinol, but nothing seems to be working at this moment and I am very worried for her. Any advise?
I have a tumor in my brainstem and pretty serious morning sickness and nausea. Forget Marinol, I live in a country with no access to MM but I skateboarded most of my life so I guess I have a certain contempt to cops and the law.

Just a couple of drags of regular weed gave me a 22 hour relief and more appetite but pain relief and more long lasting effects didn't start till I started with edibles. I would recommend RSO but canna butter might work too.
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