Matanuska Valley's Grow Journal

Which Seed Would You Like To See A Grow Journal For?

  • Skunk #1 - Possibly Female

    Votes: 2 4.9%
  • White Widow - Female

    Votes: 23 56.1%
  • Skunk Special - Female

    Votes: 7 17.1%
  • Grapefruit - Female

    Votes: 9 22.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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Matanuska Valley is starting a grow journal soon, and he needs your help, above is a list of four different seeds, and below is a picture of them. Choose which seed you would like to see grown most in the poll.


On sunday the poll will close and Matanuska will start a grow journal on not only the most voted for seed, but the second most voted for seed.

So make up your mind and vote, Matanuska Valley will take care of the rest!

Heres a picture of one of MV's previous grows, just to ensure his capability.

White widow all the way man.
Mmmm...I've had some Grapefruit before (or at least that's what I was told it was.. and the smoke tasted like Grapefruit LoL).

Wow, that sure is popular!
yeah i voted for skunk special only becuase iv never had grapefruit
I see there is so many grow questions in here Dam...!
Maybe I can help some of you..?
I only grow organic my whole setup is under $600.00
and I don't sell weed but I do smoke the f**k out of it 1/4 to a 1/2 a day...!
I run 24 plants at all time but I got 4 buckets empty you pick the seeds...?
The top 2 win..! 2 seeds each from both...!
I will try to answer all grow questions the best I can...!
I don't know everything about growing..
I don't pretend to ok got that...!
I just want to help other grow if I can...!
Thank you
Matanuska Valley. :smokin:

1/4th to a 1/2 a DAY?!
By yourself... Sounds a little far fetched man...
id say used Skunk #1, try that! its so good.. smells like and smokes like skunk!
Shit, if I had that many nice plants I'd sure be smoking that much a day... if not more!! :biggrin:
SeXy VeXy said:
Shit, if I had that many nice plants I'd sure be smoking that much a day... if not more!! :biggrin:

fo sure!.. i think i need to move in with him so he has to share some with me.. ya ill do that! how am i gonna get to alaska? i dunno! lol :smokin:
man, I can't even stand Calgary's winters! Alaska's definitly outta the question for me.

When I have a house rather then an apartment, I'd like to grow though. My dad has a sweet set-up in his basement, but he's gotten rather paranoid over the years I guess.
MatanuskaValley said:
You smoke for 30 years and lets see what you smoke a day with by yourself and with friends when you grow as much as I do...!
Then come back and talk to me ok.
thank you...!
I'm just saying man... that's a lot man. Like, how much do you smoke in each session...? And how many sessions a day?
A quarter is only 7 one gram joints. I could do that a day easy.

Maybe through the use of bongs? You can go through a lot of weed with a lot of bowls out of a big bong.

And he does have an amazing amount of weed growing, so he's got the access to free weed.

I"d believe it for sure! :biggrin:
I said skunk special because I love that skunky smell... and i've seen enough of the rest...
MatanuskaValley, I think you may be idolized here. Every stoner dreams of doing what your doing.. Hats off, my man.

Oh yeah, uh, White Widow always sounds good to me..
Skunk special please! ;)

MV - Nice man, you'll have to explain your set up... Under 600$ sounds pretty decent. Rock on bro
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