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Medical Marijuana Bad?: Oregonian Newspaper Good?


Nug of the Month: Aug 2008
The Oregonian newspaper seemingly has NOT been able to print even a neutral article about medical marijuana users or the whole shebang even though they know that over 22 thousand Oregon patients have permits approved by 3 thousand doctors.

I have been their target of abuse even though I was completely cooperative with them for a dozen or more stories. The final straw was when The Oregonian printed that "(Dr. Leveque) was a danger to all of his patients and the public in general".

If they had an ounce of veracity claimed by journalists they knew this was totally false. They can't find one person of my 4 thousand patients whom I have harmed. There wasn't one.

The Oregonian on Dec. 24th probably inadvertently gave all Oregon MJ users, legal or otherwise, a grand Christmas present.

On page D-1 they printed a story about using magnets to treat the brain for depression etc. This is called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).

This seems to be something like Electro Convulsive Treatment (ECT) used for many years to treat schizophrenia and other psychiatric problems. (It didn't work all that well!)

This new experimental treatment creates electrical fields in the brain and has been used experimentally for stroke, brain injuries, chronic pain, migraines and a wide variety of psychiatric disorders. (Success?)

I guess the several Neurosurgeons using this experimental (expensive) technique have not heard that the brain contains Anandamide, the body's natural marijuana-like substance, and its release for medical benefits is triggered by many stressors, probably including TMS.

It is known to be released by Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy (OMT), chiropractic and is most likely responsible for the "runners high" of long distance runners.

It is apparently released while engaging in pleasurable activities such as games or sex relations. Dr. John McPartland has done many of the studies on Anandamide release and action (mcpruitt@verizon.net).

Cannabis/marijuana is already used successfully for the treatment of many of the conditions for which TMS is used.

It is not too much of a coincidence to think that TMS, as with OMT, causes the release of Anandamide which actually gives the beneficial effects.

Anandamide beats the hell out of almost any drug or treatment used for these psychiatric conditions.

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