Missing DMs

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I'm missing DMs from ViparSpectra and Atreum lighting.
They were there yesterday.

I had info that I need in those DMs.

Is there a reason that they were removed?
have you clicked "show all" ?
Yup. Sure have.
Nothing there.

Talked to a buddy here and he's missing his correspondence with ViparSpectra as well.
They keep violating our guidelines and legal agreement by asking members to go offsite to join other social networking sites, and after the tenth time of confronting them about it, and them promising never to do it again, they sent a large amount of pms again doing the same thing. So instead of spending hours reading all of their pms to determine which were good and which were violations, we decided to just delete them all and start from scratch. We've even had to ban their account numerous times for the same thing, and redraft our legal agreements to focus on this one thing specifically. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you, but we're at the end of our rope with patience, time, energy and understanding with this situation.

In many cases the most important thing you would need from them is a tracking number for shipping, which you can simply contact them and ask for it again. Their account is open and you can send them a PM.
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