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...missing the ganja

Dread Brown

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after over 30 years of employment for the state of Missouri...two years ago the gov. decided all state employees will be randomly drug tested... i am missing the herb like crazy.. i walk into my local supermarket and i smell it on the clothes of the man in front of me in the check out line or on a nice summer day i smell reefer smoke from a passing car... 3 more years and i can retire with full benefits at age 55.. so until then i will just lust for the herb silently..


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Welcome to the site!! Sorry to hear of the current situation. Random tests are a fookin joke. All they prove is nothing.


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Welcome. I must say it again: Fuck Piss Tests.

I would think you'd figure something out in three years [Quick Fix]. But, at least you get to bail at 55. I'm 60 and they want to keep me in the traces for another 5 years. Oh well, I'll figure that out too.


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not fun at all, what kind of tests do they give you, I mean do they watch you piss in the cup or do you go in a room by yourself, you could always keep some artificial urine handy...of course its not worth losing your job over, just a thought!


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better safe than sorry i guess, but i hate them too.
ya, they prove nothing.


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I agree with everyone here, a drug test proves nothing. You should be judged on how well you are at your job.


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I've had to do piss tests for employment, it sucks. The only way to get around it that I can figure out is to have some clean piss in a small container taped to the inside of your thigh. Make sure you can actually take a piss cause they want to see the piss in the toilet as well.
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