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Need help with drip system!



4x8 tent with 4x8 tray

My drip system so far is,
55 Gal.tank
1/2HP sub. pump (to)
6 ft garden hose (to)
20PSI pressure reg. (to)
in-line filter (to)
8ft of drip system hose with 27 1/4" one to two foot long drip line's
At this point just 1/4" hoses to plants with no emitters

1) First try was without the pressure regulator...to much pressure.. only ran pump for 1-2 sec.!
2)Second try with the regulator installed still a lot of water coming out...only ran pump for 2-3 sec. and then watched the water trickle out of the drip lines for a few min. Lots of water left in tray after.

* Is the 1/2 HP pump to much for such a small system? (What size?)
* Should I use some type of emitters? (What type?)
* How to I stop the after pump trickle from giving to much water?
* Is the rest of my system good or should I change anything?

Any help with this will let me sleep better!
Thank's for any suggestions.


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i'm using a much smaller pump. i think a 250gpm would do just fine for what you have going. i don't even use a pressure reg. in a minute, i have some run off.

good luck


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A friend of mine used a sub pump too... he just bought a Hose spliter two openings and opens the one valve as much as needed to releave pressure that's not conected to the drip lines to let presure out of one side it will releave as much presure as you want and it also helps curculate the water in his res. tank. As far as drip lines put a loop in the lines to stop the drip.
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