New grower: Need help, advice, tips, pictures


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hello, first of all. i have 2 main question.

1. does hydroguard kill or keep algae away?
2. my plant is stunned and some of the leaves have brown vein/spot on them.
how do i combat this problem? is this an algae or nutrition issue?

info regarding my setup:
i have been closely following this site ( How to Grow Weed in your AeroGarden (Step by Step Guide) )
the only difference is that im using a 400w led lights with 20/4 light cycle.
the light is about 20 - 23 inches away from the plants.
my plants are about 4 weeks old from germination.


this is my (barneys farm LSD) its seem to be doing well, compared to the other 3. lol


this is my cheese strain. its growth as been stunned and its leave have brown spots/ vein on them. i had to cut off 4 of the fan leaves because they were brown and dead.

the other 2 in the back are dead but my bf wont let me throw them away. "lets keep it for 2 more weeks" he said. lol.

any help is appreciated. if more info is need, i will try my best to supply them. (first time grower here)
if it makes any difference, i bought my fem seed from 420
Need pics with lights off, can't see anything

Hydroguard is an enzyme cleaner, works to keep the algae away yes, great product, pretty much a must for DWC grows

Also what nutes are u using and what % of manuf suggested amount are u using

heres the cheese strain that is having issue. as u can see on the right fan leaves, near the tips. it was real bad a few weeks ago. calimagic seem to help a bit but im not so sure.

these are the nutrient im using.


this is also the schedule im following.
i changed it every week (friday)
this friday on the 21st, my hydroguard will be arriving.
ill be adding that to my schedule and hopefully solve both of my issue.
thanks for the help.
after checking the ph level today ,it seems to dropped down to a low 4 and 5. should i add some ph up or just change the water completely? i think the low ph is what keeping my cheese from absorbing the calcium.
i assume the ph dropping is constant, this is the first time i check it after changing water. i didnt know ph could drop even after getting it to the correct level.
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