One of my plants isn't budding!


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I have 16 Skywalker plants that are currently at Day 15 of their flower cycle. I was looking at them just now and I noticed something odd. One of them isn't budding!

The other 15 plants have tiny buds, but at least something is happening. This one other plant has a few thin leaves an inch or so long where the bud sites would be, and even then, it has far fewer bud sites than the other plants.

These plants were all bought as clones from the same group, and they all grew up together. This one odd plant is even in the middle of the room where it gets plenty of light.

When in veg, it was always the smallest plant, maybe half the size of the others, but even now it's about 3 feet tall, it has grown since it started flowering.

It's in soil, FF dirt and nutes + molasses and Open Sesame every watering in flowering, just like the other plants.

It has the 2 hairs here and there on the stems like the others, so it's a female.

Any ideas what is going on with this plant?
well if all the variables of environment are consistent for all the plants, then I think it is a hormone issue. Give it some more days, it might just be a tad slower than the rest. If it persists, and you need the room, then go plant it outside so it can reveg and have another chance!
Someone was telling me the thin inch long leaves might form into banana shapes. Would that be a hermie sign?
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