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I live in a really dry climate (Barstow, CA) and want to know if there is a special way I should be storing my buds. I have a stainless steel jar- the kind you see on countertops for flour or sugar where the lid had a seal on it - and in the jar I have 5 different strains (in separate plastic bags). I was advised by someone at the co op I go to to throw a small piece of romaine lettuce into the jar to keep it from drying out. The reason I am questioning this is because my herb seems almost too damp. I DON'T want to have moldy buds. I imagine that can't be a healthy toke. In one bag my buds were so damp I couldn't grind it up at all in the grinder I have. I've never experienced this. Someone please help me before I wreck my smoke. Oh....I have just a hair under 1/2 oz in the jar. There aren't any moisture beads on anything inside the jar either - not on the jar and not in the bags. Oh and I open the jar at least once a day:cheesygrinsmiley: Thanks in advance.
So, no lettuce - yes fridge?
Thank you very much.
Yes, The fridge I ALWAYS put my meds. In the Fridge.Will Keep It fresh.And If It's dried out It will bring It back to life. When I come back from the co-op It's always a little flat tastewise.Put It In the fridge and Wala It's back.Keeps your meds fresh forever.
Jars and refrigerator like Boss said^ for long term storage and if I have a few different strains and want to separate them I sub store them in pill bottles(not really necessary but it gives me a organized feeling).
Not the most cost-effective solution, but how about a humidor? That's where I keep mine; they enjoy a steady 68% humidity in a small compartment away from my cigars.
If mine are too moist, I place the buds on a paper plate open in the fridge until they are dried out enough to have a consistent smoke quality...not too moist, but not too dry either. (usually a couple of days)
Then just put them back in the jar and keep the curing process going.
You can also rehydrate using a fresh cannabis leaf if you have a grow going, otherwise the method Boss said will work good too.
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