Paying attention to my sugar leaves

I am seeing so many trichomes on the sugar leaves. I expect to harvest in just a few weeks with joyful bud. I've been slowly denuding the plant of fan leaves off sturdy stalks. Now those sugar leaves look like candy. I'm wondering if they might have enough umph to reduce down and produce gummies or tincture. Thanks for any advice!
I think I'm about 3-4 weeks away at this point before I harvest and trim those encrusted leaves. If conditions hold, they should be ready to do something, anything. Step your ass up sugar leaf! It's been outdoors since April and has never suffered for plenty of sunshine and fresh breeze. I've just now started to learn what to do with sugar leaves after harvest. In ideal conditions, there seems to be a lot of options. I want to make gummies.


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Interesting. How do you freeze them and how long can they be stored frozen?
First I take off =leaves with no sugar on them and compost them. The rest of the trimmings with sugar get put into a one gallon zipper bag and go right in the freezer for months until I get a chance to work with it. I've tried dry ice hash, bubble hash and oils made from it.
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