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PC growbox - question


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Hey, I spent all of last night making this stealth pc growbox to use on my first grow.


Height: 12'
Width: 14'
Depth: 7'

However with lights and all in the actual growth space is:
10' height by 12' width.

Is this too small to grow in? (fingers crossed its not)

I have a fan blowing cold air in to keep the temperature down, tin foil inside and two 11 Watt CFLs giving 60 watts of light out each aswell as a 20 watt bulb giving 100 watts out. (total 220 watts)

Temperature inside the box is kept nice and cold by the fan but hopefully not too cold :)

I am growing caramelicious, the site I bought them off said they can grow up to 25 inches. Is this box too small? I could cut off the growing stem and let the plant(s) bush out but will I lose alot of yield by doing that? I wouldnt mind growing two plants or one really fat plant in the box if I wasnt going to lose yield.

Also, growing in soil.

Get rid of that aluminum foil !!!!

Paint it flat white, or buy mylar if you're wealthy, flat white is FAR FAR more reflective then aluminum foil lol (why people use alum foil I will never know).

You will need to LST a lot, and probably only have 2 plants, don't expect huge yields, but if you train it correctly you can still get some decent buds
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