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Please Help - Dry Pasty Looking Leaves, Curling under & Possibly Spreading...


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I'm a new member here but I visit often. I've been producing some very nice & clean clones but recently I've had some issues. I misted the air with some bug spray from the hydro store (for gnats) about a month ago, shortly after I noticed a huge change in the plants so I figured it was all because of the spray. I am now thinking it may be a disease or virus of some sort because the new growth is also infected looking. The leaves are pasty pale looking and and they are curled under and clawed. I am using Vermifire soil, 6.2-6.3 PH and occasionally use hygrozyme. Any Ideas on what this could be?

Here are some pictures...



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I do see some damage there on some leafs that I believe it might of come from thrips, but would the leafs curl like that?

Check out this link and see if you can diagnose the issues. https://www.420magazine.com/forums/...abis-plant-pest-problem-solver-pictorial.html

Also this might help while reading that



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Well I got these ladies under a microscope today and it turns out they were infected with Broad Mites. Thanks everyone for your input and help!


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The curling of the edges is also a possible indication of Mg deficiency, doesn't hurt to add 200PPM or so cuz plant will only take what it needs. Also, what are your temps? Try to keep them under 85
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