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Please help me with yellow spots on seedlings leaves

kram rollen

Everything has been going great then I noticed some yellow spots on the first set of fan leafs. I'm about 12 days in and its my first grow.
Started them in solo cups with Black Gold potting soil. Temps about 75-80 degrees, 45-50% humidity, in a 2x4 tent with a 4 tube 4 foot T5 HO light. Exhaust fan ducted out the window. Water about every other day with water about 6.5 pH. My light was about 8" above seedlings was it to close. Thx for any help.


Virgin ground

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Are you watering every other day because they are bone dry? They look to be ready to transplant. At this stage you want them to get really dry between watering. I do see a tiny bit of edema in the leaves which makes me think they are slightly over watered and probably root bound or close to.
Once the leaves are as wide as the solo cups it is usually time to repot.
Emilya has a watering tutorial that you would benefit from greatly.
pH could be a bit lower as well, try 6.3 next time.

Virgin ground

Nug of the Month: June 2019
Thank you for your help. I was planning on transplanting them this weekend into FFOF.
Yup, just keep the pH a little lower for veg then and don't water too much. Toss a bit of extra perlite in it you have it.
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