Poo Hunny


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Poo Hunny

I’ve been making Poo Hunny with shake and roh raggy is this stuff strong.

6th batch of honey and i think I've got the recipe down. No idea how to “dose” or say how many mg is in it but I’ve compared to doses with the feeling of dispensary dosages and here’s what multiple opinions have come up with.

1TBSP of Poo Hunny = 400 mg-450mg feeling/ intensity

This dose effect was strong relaxing and I was able to get things done.

2TBSP of Poo Hunny = 800 mg-1000mg

This dose effect was strong, very relaxing, lasted 4-6 hours on multiple tests. Very hungry, very relaxed, still able to get things done…. Barely…

3TBSP of Poo Hunny = Forget about it, nothings going get done or happen besides sit on the couch watch tv and eat food. “ I can’t feel my f-@&in legs bro, make monkey drive”

The last batch was made from purple haze. Very strong. Very happy with the outcome. Made purple honey. 56 grams (2oz) Purple Haze (decarbed & infusion cooked) into 64oz of raw honey.
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