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Rare situation need to mature fast


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Hello fellows!

I'm in a case really hard to find some pointers.. I'm growing 2 awesome seeds i got as a gift, not sure on the breed. Anyway, i'll be leaving the country in exactly a month, but the buds are about 2 weeks old now, (it just started to have a scent) so it's still quite small despite progressing well.

My Q is: is there a way to mature them faster? I don't really care for yield or anything, and I'm already doing 10h light 10h dark to speed up, but i'd like to make it as fast as possible. Even if cutting the plant off will help i'd do it now.

Also I'm not sure if at this age they will have anypotency, it's a concern, please adivce!


Neil Rothwell

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To start the schedule should be 12-12 which is the best for regular plants, auto's can be 24/7 but best at 18/6.
UVB lighting will speed up the flowering time and increase potency to an extent. UVB lights can be found at a pet store as the
lights are used primarily for terrariums. UVB - 10.0 is the strongest they carry in most stores.
Good Luck!
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