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Resin vs. Chronic Nugs


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high. 4 of my friends i live with are hella trippin. they think that resin has more THC than chronic nugs. they'd rather smoke resin before tokin bowls out of a sick ass bong. i think they are crazy what do you think? :peace:


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yea thats pretty gross, do they not realize that a lot of the thc is used up when the flame touches the weed, there is minimal amounts of thc in the tar.....let them think what they want....smoke your weed and when your done scrape your bowl out n pack them a bowl of tar to smoke and everyone is happy


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Plant resin and oils are stronger, then hashish or hash, then its the nuggets.
The black shit in pipes is meant to be cleaned out and discarded.
Do ya bbq some burgers then scrape the shit off the grill and put it on a bun?
You youngsters are going to ruin your bodies early for a cheap nasty high like that? Mind as well drink the bong water too.

Earth Child

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The burger analogy made me smile.

It'll get you high, yeah. But at the cost of a nice ol' headache. Not gonna' lie, I've done it before. It wasn't very enjoyable.

:peace: Earth Child


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hey you're from fresno, which is where i was born and is only 45 minutes away. CRRRAAAZZYYY!!!


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resin is for grimeballs who dont ever have but, it tastes like ass

its like eating digested food
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