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I grew a few plants when I was young. I never had the courage to let them mature and flower.

Retired to Southern California were it is legal to grow, yes! I met a new friend who gives me free high quality pot for free. I helped him harvest two plants from his yard.

My wife does not smoke. I made a tincture with some green buds using 151 proof alcohol.

My wife gets instant pain relief from a dropper put under the tongue. She has fibromyalgia.

I've always liked gardening and will need help with growing weed, outside using organic methods. My first plant did poorly, got stressed and went hermaphrodite.


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Hi Newbill10, Welcome to 420, I am a new outdoor, retired grower in mass. I suggest that after you start your seeds(a lot of good online sites to buy), that you start a journal with pictures, then ask questions about any problems or help you may need. Also I suggest that as an outdoor grower, you use fabric 3-5 gallon pots, so that you can easily move the plants for more or less direct sun and protect them from bad weather.
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I've been following your grow journal. Your plants are looking great. I've started a new plant myself and have run into some problems. There are skunks that dig in the pots with Ocean Forest soil. Ants are also attracted and tried to eat the roots. I took the small plant out of the pot and dunked the roots into water to wash out the ants. I re-potted it and took it to my friends' house and fenced yard. I live in a community where I can only hide seedlings and one or two small plants behind a shed, up a un-planted bank, where there is no landscaping, only scrub trees.


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Hi Newbill10, Outdoor growing is a challenge, so far I have not had a problem with insects or animals, but my biggest fear is uninvited visitors. We have a fairly short growing season here in Mass, so I'm hoping for a good finish soon. Have you looked into an indoor grow, a lot of good indoor journals here on 420, I know someone who grows one plant at a time indoors? goo luck!