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Seed germination


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After receiving some seeds that I ordered online, (I won't say from which company) only two out of seven popped. The remaining seeds, after seven days I decided to try and help so I squeezed them gently until I heard a slight pop. Has anyone else ever tried this??? And, what were the results?

Dan Ultra

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No. A popping seed doesn't sound good. You can't really force a seed to germinate by opening up the shell, that will just make the seed no longer viable. How are you germinating them? Paper Towel? Soil? Rock wool? Were they pre-soaked? We need more information...


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Hey Ultradan........In answer to your question about my germination procedure. I first soaked the seed approx 24 hours. After that I placed them in a plastic container to soak between paper towels with a seed mat underneath. I guess I'll just chalk it up to experience and research my seed company next time.......if there is a next time. Thanks.


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Well no harm as long as you took a lesson from it. You'll find that you encounter this frequently as a grower/farmer. There is a learning curve and some people have more of knack for it than others. Like UD said, never forcibly try to germinate a seed. They'll do it in their own good time. If using a good method like soaking in water pH'd around 6 or as close to as possible then transferred to damp paper towel in a ziplock bag or even straight into a damp rooting plug like a rapid rooter in the same type of water, you'll see which seeds are viable and which aren't. If some don't come up then you'll find that it's for a good reason. It was a dud in the first place. Good genetics and viable seeds don't need any tough love. They need a soft touch ;) Best of luck to you mate. Don't be disheartened!


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First of all dont discourage! You should have seen my first grow, i got like 100gr from 10 plants! And now i get at least 200g from one small auto.
Cracking old seeds works sometimetimes but should be done properly. Imho domt ever try it as everyone said above.
Good luck bro, never back down :)
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