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Well they have done it again VS give me one of there new XS3000s to test a few month back.
The XS3000 first thoughts after owning a XS1500 PRO as you can tell yourself its 2 of those units but with one psu and a few poles.Which don't have to be used put them side by side etc the only limit is the cable length which i pretty long.

What's great is the psu is ALOT bigger but also can be removed which is a great upgrade and brings the heat right down.

I own a XS4000 and how they have setup the power supply and connections are very similar.(shame its not removeable :( )

With the psu outside the tent and the xs3000 on full power the heat levels are not much different when i take it out and put the xs1500 pro in on full power maybe 2c.

So i image two xs1500 pro's with the UN-REMOVEABLE psu's would make much more heat than one xs3000 with the psu outside the tent.

Another question did the new XS lights have the coverage of the KS models ye kind of just would take a lot of adjusting to get an even par like bar lighting.

Which i never had the time for so used the poles , i need a KS5000 in my life i think ready for summer to deal with my heat issues.

Anyway back to the XS3000 another thing i liked was again back to coverage it was much close to a bar light than my XS2000 which wattage wise is close , in the QB range.

What i can say is working with the XS1500 for vegging its one hell of a veg light for the money.
I expect it to grow some fine bud to after watching it in action on this forum.
Yes I'm a vipar fan boy why the service i got buying my first few Leds from VS.
And the results from every light i own from VS all 6 of them all still working all lights i would and will use again.

So after a quick test on my last grow the xs3000 performed pretty well.
Just my clones were out of control my current grow is much more controlled and not in the middle of summer and heat is not and issue.
But it grew some nice bud , shame I could not speak about it at the time due to it not being released yet.
All bud used in this post was grown under a XS3000 ;)


Its a great 300 watt light and being able to use or not use the poles.
And being able to use any lay out i please is great.

Making the psu removeable is a real plus for me i battle heat in my space half the year.
The lens do improve coverage from my tests as i own a P1000/XS2000/XS1500 PRO / XS3000 / XS4000.

IF your in the market for a real versatile light this is not one to look over.
Two of these is a 4x4 would really do a great job. I got an xs3000/xs4000 running in my space now.

If your in the USA/CAN price is really competitive add the 420 discount your LOL.


For me you can't get better than a GOOD bar light heat is always an issue for me to max out my lights.
And bar lights run real cool. And the even coverage cant be matched in square tents.

Don't like the metal thing they use to hang it/them , waste of a few inch and every foot/inch count in doors.

The price in the euro market with a lot of lights around the same wattage but cheaper (TAX/VAT/TRANSPORT) i understand.

But still for the avg user price is prob the first thing you would look for then reviews.

Still got my current grow under the XS3000 if you want to take a peak.
Its a great light and i will be using it until i get a bar light to fit my new space.

Pic of the praying ladies on my current grow with the XS3000

Happy growing all and BIG THANK YOU VAL AND @ViparSpectra :)

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Thank you for supporting our products and thank you for the great work! You've shared such a detailed experience of using will be helpful to someone.:thumb: And I love the picture made by the buds very much. Very creative.:green_heart:
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